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Talentless (無能力, むのうりょく, Munōryoku) is the 1st chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya. It was first released in the Gekkan Shōnen Gangan on May 12, 2016.


The story takes place in a school on an isolated island where people with talents(powers) are gathered. Most of the students are enthusiastic about training to fight monsters called "enemies of humanity". One of them, Nanao Nakajima, lacks faith in his own abilities. He was even called "Talentless" by his classmates. However, his fate changes drastically when he meets one of the two new transfers students, Nana Hiiragi.

Long Summary


It's been six months since Nanao transferred to the island. Although he has been here for so long, he is unable to fit in with his class. Also, he believes he doesn't have amazing abilities. He is even bullied by some of his classmates like Moguo. The people around him call him talentless and make fun of him. Then, two transfer students arrive.

Transfer students

Kyouya Onodera seems antisocial, and refuses to reveal his power. Moguo is pretty sure Kyouya has already killed somebody. Then, Nana Hiiragi arrives, who is cheerful and straightforward. She reveals that she's able to read minds but not the mood. Nana immediately finds out that Nanao, who's trying to look good in front of her, is being bullied. Moguo tells Nana that Nanao is talentless. Nana shows an illustration of an enemy of humanity thinking that's how they look like. Nanao explains that some of them can take a human form. Moguo uses that to portray Nanao as one. Nana asks Moguo to stop bullying Nanao, knowing that Moguo will use that to ask her on a date. Moguo tries to deny this in vain.

Class leader

Kyouya is observing them from far away. Nana soon discovers Nakajima's kindness and tells him he's a nice person. They get to know each other and eventually become friends. The teacher interrupts them in the middle of their conversation because Nana is being louder than him in the middle of a class. After explaining the class leader concept, the teacher asks the students for volunteers. Tons of people raised their hands. Moguo being angry made almost everyone put their hands down. Nana nominates Nanao because he's nice, and he knows a lot about enemies of humanity. This amuses Moguo and Seiya. The whole class laughs at them. Nana points out that nobody has ever seen an enemy of humanity, so who is qualified in the first place? Nobody did.

Nanao wanted to decline the offer but Kyouya had a suggestion. Muguo, Seiya, and Nanao would fight. The outcome of the battle would decide the class' leader. The whole class is hyped up.


Nanao grew up in a wealthy family. Nanao one day receives a letter telling him his talent would be useful against the enemies of humanity and ordering him to go to the "Training Ground 6". His father tells him to go to achieve greatness. He declares that Nanao is the least talented in the entire household, but he finally has a chance to shine. Nanao's father adds that first impressions are crucial, and Nanao should become a person that people turn to for leadership in any situation.

Bad first Impression

When Nanao joined the school, he said he came to fight the enemies of humanity, become the leader, and protect everyone. Nobody took him seriously. He got laughed at.

End of the class

Nanao is worried about tomorrow's fight. Nana encourages him. Nanao lets her know that he doesn't think he even stands a chance. When they leave, Nana asks Nanao where to buy tea. However, there is no place on the island to get some. They go eat soba. All the costs are covered by the government. Nanao wants to ask Nana something. Nana already knows he's about to ask her why would she hang out with someone like him. Nanao tells Nana she's an unusual person. She answers that everyone on the island is unusual. They discuss joining the school, and how Nana's talent works. Nana declares to never have been able to make a single friend.

Nanao has a talent

They go to a cliff. Nana tells Nanao that if he didn't have a talent, he wouldn't be here. Nanao says his talent isn't much to speak of. Nanao explains that most people hide their talent as a measure of precaution. Nanao describes a rumor saying that the only people that can fight with the enemies of humanity are gathered on this island. Meaning those enemies of humanity should be watching them. So, it would be bad if they knew in advance the talents of humanity. Nana got attacked from long-range, and she's about to fall off the cliff. The rope breaks, and Nanao screams her name while trying to save her.


Kyouya went to the teacher's lounge to look at people's talents. The teacher catches him, and he asks Kyouya for an explanation of what he's doing here. Kyouya says he's investigating things.


Nanao managed to grab Nana's hand before she fell. Nanao thinks an enemy of humanity pushed Nana. To console Nana, Nanao hugs her. He quickly lets go of her in embarrassment. Nana follows Nanao heading back to the male dormitory.

Arrived in front of Nanao's home, Nana tells Nanao she really thinks he should be the class president. Nanao asks Nana why she pushes so hard. Nana answers that he's the purest, and everyone with a talent is arrogant. Nana tells Nanao that deep down he does want to be the leader. Nanao stops her telling her she's not his father. Nanao apologizes and opens his house's door. Nana points out to Nanao that he seems to really like his father. This makes Nanao angry. Nana knows everything about him without him even saying a word. Nana apologizes saying she can hear the sadness inside Nanao. Nanao harshly tells Nana that she makes him sick. Nana gets sad.

Nanao says he just came because of his father. He thinks he can't live up to his father's expectations and become the class president. That's why the class always makes fun of him. Nana says that he saved her without hesitating earlier. She asks Nanao if he was really thinking about living up to someone's expectations when he chose to save Nana. Nanao asked Nana to leave him alone, and he slammed the door.

Nanao's thoughts

Nanao goes to bed thinking about what's up with Nana.

Flashback : Nanao at elementary school

Nanao remembers telling his dad a kid forgot his lunch at school. His dad told Nanao that he surely split his lunch since he was the president of this class. Nanao didn't but he told a lie saying he of course did. To reward Nanao, his father says that on his birthday, he'll buy him a watch.

Forgotten watch

Nana knocked at the door giving Nanao his watch. She says she noticed he wasn't wearing it when they got back to the dorms. Nanao left it at the cafeteria. Nana apologizes for being blunt. Nanao realizes Nana searched it the whole night.

Next day: The fight

The next day, Moguo and Seiya face off each other. They think Nanao didn't show up in fear. The teacher tells them to not go too far. Seiya points out that it'll become a death battle anyways, and Moguo doesn't see what's wrong with that. The teacher then says that the first person to fall down loses. The crowd is excited. The fight gets heated, and they start using their talents. The teacher panics telling them to not use those. Nanao thinks being the leader isn't that great. Moguo ends up losing by falling to the ground. Seiya gets congratulated on becoming the leader.

Moguo gets disrespected. Nanao thinks Nana didn't even care about who'd become the leader in the end. This makes Moguo so angry that he launches a huge fireball at the other students. Moguo gets worried thinking he launched a too strong attack. Nanao remembers Nana telling him that she has never been able to make a single friend. He also remembers his father telling him to achieve greatness, and become a leader. Nanao says nobody cares about being a leader. He then goes directly in front of the students to protect them from the fireball.

What is Nanao's talent

Nanao apologizes to Nana saying he didn't thank Nana for giving him back his watch. Nanao reveals his talent. Revealing his talent which is to nullify other talents. Nanao tells him that it's an amazing talent. Everyone lets Nanao know that he saved them. The class now wants Nanao to become their leader. Later, Nana and Nanao go to the same cliff they went to yesterday.

Can Nanao nullify Nana's talent?

Nanao tells Nana he can't believe someone like him became the leader. Nana thinks it suits Nanao, and that the best at fighting shouldn't necessarily be the leader. Nanao tells Nana it's all thanks to her. He has been lying to himself all the time. While he's scared of his dad, he really respects him. Nana tells Nanao he can do it. Nana wonders if Nanao can nullify talents directed at him. Nanao thinks he can't nullify mental talents but, he never tried. Nana realizes there are a lot of things talented don't even know about their own talent. Nana suggests that Nanao can nullify Nana's talent if they enter in contact.

Nanao asks to hold hands and immediately apologizes in embarrassment. Nana holds his hands anyways. She smiles saying this is the first time she's been able to stop hearing people's thoughts. Nanao thinks Nana must have been having a rough time. He then asks Nana to try guessing what he's thinking of. Nana says she can tell even without her talent. They want to continue being friends.


In a stunning turn of events, Nana throws Nanao off the cliff. As Nanao is holding a rope that's about to break. Nana guesses that Nanao is probably thinking: "Why is she trying to kill me?" Nana explains to Nanao how she knew he was conscious of what his classmates thought of him. Nanao was pretending to read a book, he wasn't turning the pages. This shocks Nanao.

She also noticed cat scratches on Nanao's neck. So, she knew he was taking care of a cat, and he was kind. She also thought Nanao's watch must have been a gift. It didn't suit Nanao. When Nana learned that Nanao's father was the one who gave him that watch, she could successfully make him think that she can actually read minds. Nanao is astounded. He couldn't believe Nana managed to lie about this.

Nana continues her explanation saying that if someone joins a talented school but they have no talent, it'll attract suspicions. Nanao is shocked and sad. He wonders why would Nana go so far. Then, an explanation crossed his mind. Maybe Nana was an enemy of humanity. Nana tells him that it's the other way around. The talented are the enemies of humanity. Nana explains to Nanao that he had the potential to become their leader. She says she didn't mean to follow him around, but she wanted to find out how her talent worked.

Nana asks Nanao if she can really kill talented that have supernatural powers that way. Nana ends her speech by saying that it was what has been on her mind this entire time. The rope breaks. As Nanao is falling, Nana tells him: "For the sake of humanity, please die." Nanao falls into the water. The chapter ends with Nana seeing Nanao's expected casualties of over one million, and her praying in front of the same cliff right after.


  • The Island
  • The school
  • The school's classroom
  • Forest
  • Canteen
  • Cliff
  • Teacher's lounge
  • Male dormitory
  • Nanao's room
  • Outside of the school

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Cover


Homeroom Teacher





Nanao (The beginning of the chapter is from his point of view)

Sachiko (She teleports in the class)

Moguo (He bullies Nanao at the beginning with his henchmen)

Moguo's Henchmen (They help Moguo to bully Nanao)

Seiya (He tells Moguo to stop bullying Nanao)

Homeroom Teacher (He quiets the class, and introduces the transfer students)

Kyouya (He introduces himself to the class)

Nana (She introduces herself to the class)

Nanao's father (He appears during a flashback)

Anime-Manga differences

Spoilers here!
  • In the manga, we see a silhouette looking at the school that doesn't look like Nana at all. In the anime, we see Nana's leg.
  • In the manga, Sachiko teleports to the classroom. In the anime, Kaori teleports and meets up with Kirara and Inukai.
  • After Moguo says that Kyouya has already killed someone, we see Michiru being worried. She's not shown yet in the manga.
  • In the manga, we see random people in the classroom when Nana arrives and presents herself. In the anime, we see some of the main characters of the season: Yuuka, Fuuko, Ryuuji, Moguo's Henchmen, Kaori, and Kirara.