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After pushing Nanao of a cliff, Nana goes back to class the next day. Some of the students are confused about Nanao's disappearance, but don't suspect Nana. Youhei Shibusawa, a time traveler, and Kyoya Onodera both want to find out what happened to him. Because of this, Nana attempts to murder Youhei.


Chapter Relevant Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Nana Hiiragi (appears at the beginning, is wearing a towel wrap and looking at Nakajima's potential kill count)
  • Tannin Kyoushi (appears at the beginning, is attempting to explain that day's training)
  • Youhei Shibusawa (appears at the beginning, almost is knocked into the water and says he can't swim)
  • Moguo Iijima (appears at the beginning, asks Nana if she has seen Nanao)
  • Nanao Nakajima (flashback to him falling off the cliff after Moguo asks Nana where he is)
  • The Council (flashback of Nana receiving orders after Moguo asks where Nanao is)
  • Seiya Kori (appears at the beginning, freezes the pond)
  • Shoichi Kosakai (appears near the beginning, is about to be punched by an angry Moguo)
  • Kyouya Onodera (appears in the middle, questions Nana about Nanao's disappearance)