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Multiplication, Talentless Part 3 in the raw[1](無能力 PART 3, むのうりょく パート スリー, Munōryoku pāto surī), is the 53rd chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya. This chapter marks the beginning of the 8th volume.


Nanao wakes up, and because he was scared of a doctor about to get his blood with a syringe, he accidentally killed him with his new power. For the first time in the series, a talent evolved. Nanao has been saved by Tsuruoka. Nanao then explains his background to him. Nanao believes that Nana had her reasons to push him off a cliff. Nanao's father enters the room and slaps his son. He's upset since his son is the first student to drop out of this school, and people close to him know it. He then tries to force Nanao to apologize to Tsuruoka so he can get back to this school. Nanao kills his father by accident. Tsuruoka makes Nanao remember what Nana said. She declared that the students of the school were the true enemies of humanity. Nanao is starting to realize that he just killed two people. He's in shock.

Long Summary

The chapter is written from Nanao's perspective.

Waking Up

As soon as Nanao gains back consciousness, he repels a doctor trying to prick him. Nanao panics and accidentally triggers his evolved talent. The doctor was dying slowly, but Tsuruoka shortened his sufferings. Tsuruoka then explained to Nanao that the doctor was simply trying to collect his blood. Nanao asks Tsuruoka who he is. Tsuruoka presents himself and tells Nanao that he found him floating in the sea.

Nana’s reasons

Nanao explains that Nana pushed him off a cliff. Tsuruoka asks Nanao if his talent is to nullify others' talents. Nanao is intrigued, still thinking about Nana. Tsuruoka says that he found something interesting. Nanao says that he always thought that his talent was useless, and thanks to Nana, he got over his issues with his dad. At the moment Nanao thought he was useful to everyone, Nana pushed him off a cliff. Nanao is wondering if Nana had a reason to do that. He thinks Nana didn’t seem crazy and that it looked like she said she didn’t want to trick him. Tsuruoka suspects that Nanao loved Nana. Nanao refutes the claim. Nanao asks Tsuruoka if the doctor is all right. Nanao is blaming himself for the doctor losing consciousness. Tsuruoka declares that Nanao is a good person because he’s thinking about Nana having reasons to kill.

Nanao’s father

Tsuruoka allows Nanao’s father to enter the room. Nanao’s father slaps him and shames him. He told Nanao to become the best, but now, his neighbors know that his son was the first to drop out of this school, and they think he was talentless. Nanao asks Tsuruoka if he saw a watch when he rescued him. Tsuruoka says that it wasn’t mentioned in the report. Nanao apologizes to his dad and realizes he lost the watch his father gave him. His father tells him that he doesn’t care about the watch.

This makes Nanao sad because his father gave him that watch on his birthday. His dad grabs him and asks him to apologize to Tsuruoka so he can get back to the island. Nanao is hurt and begs him to stop. He then gives an angry look to his dad and asks him again to stop. His father asks Nanao how dare he looks at him like that. Nanao attacks him with his new power, nullifying life itself. His father begs him in vain. Nanao asks for help.

Enemy of humanity

Tsuruoka asks Nanao why Nana tries to kill him. He remembers Nana saying: “because you’re the true enemies of humanity.” Nanao is stunned. He can’t believe he killed both of these people.


  • Underground hospital room
  • Nanao’s bedroom (flashback)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Doctor
  • Nanao’s father


  • This is the first chapter of volume 8.