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Moe Part 1 (モイ パート ワン, moe pāto wan) is the 55th chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya.


Nana is about to tell Kyouya what she has been up to. Then Sachiko arrives via instantaneous teleportation. Sachiko warns Kyouya and Nana about Kiyomi being in danger and takes them to the hall. There, they find a student named Daisuke, who seems to be trying to do execute Kiyomi. Daisuke thinks that Kiyomi should not be left alive. He even criticizes Nana saying he’s trying to do something about the crimes committed. In order to stop Daisuke from going out of control, Nana proposes that Daisuke take over the role of leader. Daisuke agrees to the proposal, and Kiyomi is safely released. Then, Daisuke admits to Nana he’ll try to kill her. That night, Nana was in her room worrying about every problem she has to deal with. Moe came to the side of her desk to offer words of encouragement. Then, the homeroom teacher comes to tell Moe that Tsuruoka wants to talk to her. After arriving at Tsuruoka’s office, Moe is informed of her grandmother’s critical condition. Nanao is staring at her in the background.

Long Summary

Nana confronts Kyouya. She asks Kyouya if he still believes that she killed someone. To this question, Kyouya guesses that there was some kind of dispute between Nana and Nanao. However, when Nana was about to confide in him, Sachiko arrived by instantaneous teleportation. Sachiko has come to tell her that Kiyomi is in danger because of a student named Daisuke. Sachiko takes Nana and Kyouya's hands and teleports them to the scene. There were plenty of students there. Daisuke was sitting in a chair in front of Kiyomi. Nana asks Seiya, who was nearby, about him.

Seiya describes Daisuke as someone who is bad news and who barely even comes to attend class. Daisuke declares that Kiyomi is a murderer. Daisuke says that nor the police, the teachers, or the military is doing anything about the death of Hikaru. Daisuke thinks they should still do something about it. He also suggested that they create their own system and decide things for themselves. He went on to say that he would protect everyone from now on if they follow his rules.

Takeo finds this ridiculous. Daisuke made a comment to humiliate Takeo, but Takeo continued to talk. Takeo declares that Nana should stay the leader. Daisuke asks Takeo what he would do with Kiyomi if he was the new leader. Takeo was conflicted. Daisuke gave his opinion saying he’d kill Kiyomi if he was the leader. Daisuke’s words shocked everyone. Daisuke says that they can’t hand her to the police or lock her up, so the leader has to do something about Kiyomi before she kills someone else. He stares at Nana asking her for confirmation.

Nana asks Daisuke if he really wants to kill Kiyomi. Daisuke declares that he won’t say idealistic things like Nana or ignore crimes. Nana claims that Kiyomi was being controlled by an enemy of humanity. Sachiko seconds this claim. Daisuke sees through these lies. He then uses their logic against them by saying if he killed Kiyomi because an enemy of humanity was manipulating him, would they forgive him. Sachiko is conflicted and says she doesn’t know.

Nana asked Daisuke what he wanted to talk about. Daisuke's answer was that he wanted to talk about what to do with Kiyomi after she committed the murder. Nana found Daisuke's behaviour to be troublesome. The reason is that Daisuke seems to be good at taking advantage of others’ weaknesses. Nana decided to step down as the leader to save Kiyomi. However, Daisuke replied that he would not be satisfied with that.

So, Nana lets Daisuke be the next leader. She then begs him to spare Kiyomi. Kiyomi cries. While everyone looks at Nana with concern, Daisuke clicks his tongue and feels that Nana is suspicious. Daisuke told them that he would accept Nana's request for the time being and would inform them of the new rules tomorrow. He then said he’d need the help of people with strong talents. He added that if he asks someone to come, this person must come to see him immediately. Sachiko, who can use instantaneous teleportation, seems to have caught Daisuke’s attention. Kiyomi thanked Nana while in tears. Nana says to Kiyomi that it’s not her fault.

Daisuke comes back sarcastically thanks Nana for her hard work as the leader. He affirms that he’s already exhausted of his classmates, that he qualified as monkeys. He’s already tired of his new role. Nana thinks Daisuke wants something else. Daisuke says that he doesn’t like Nana. He adds that he didn’t care when people like Tsunekichi, and Yuuka, that he qualifies as monkeys died. But he’s bothered by Koharu dying. He thinks Nana is suspicious. Daisuke asked Nana what monkeys do with their previous leader when a new one becomes king. Nana realizes that Daisuke will try to kill her. Daisuke replies that he won't do so right away. He declares that Nana is good at getting people to like her. Nana says she’ll be careful walking around at night. As Daisuke leaves, Nana realizes Daisuke is just more problems to deal with.

As Daisuke leaves, Kyouya talks to Nana. He asks her if she wants to talk about what just happened. Nana, however, is not in the mood and refuses. Takeo is watching them from afar, worried.

That night, Nana is in her room, writing in her notebook and thinking about Tsuruoka, Nanao, the enemies of humanity, and the crimes she has committed. Nana wonders if she should tell everyone the truth about everything. But she doesn't know what Daisuke will decide to do or how he will act.

Next, she wonders what will happen if she tells only Kyouya. She wondered if the reason why she had immediately approached Kyouya was that she was surprised by Nanao's presence.

Then, Moe approached her from the side of her desk with a very bright smile. Nana asks her if she has ever killed anyone. Moe replied immediately that she had never done so. Nana seemed to be very relieved by her answer. Moe was very excited and said they should think of a way to kill Tsuruoka. Then there was a knock at the door and the homeroom teacher came in. According to the homeroom teacher, Tsuruoka wants to speak with Moe. Moe told Nana that she was on her side and left. Nana looked at Moe anxiously.

When Moe went to Tsuruoka, Tsuruoka told her that her grandmother was in critical condition. Moe froze, but Tsuruoka tried to suggest something to her. Behind Moe stands Nanao, who is staring at her.


  • Flower field (Cover)
  • Surveillance room
  • Hall
  • Nana's room
  • Tsuruoka's office

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