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Moe Part 8 (モイ パート エイト, moe pāto eito) is the 62nd chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya. This chapter marks the beginning of the 9th volume.


When Moe enters the school to say goodbye to everyone, she's asked a lot of questions by Kyouya about the murder of Takeo, which she witnessed. Moe tries to denies all accusations but Kyouya's evidence is too solid. Moe runs away. After a brief conversation with Nana, Moe goes to her room. Daisuke is frustrated about the whole situation and asks Tsuruoka for help. Tsuruoka gives Daisuke some advice. Meanwhile, Nana tries to have a chat with Moe, who's still not accepting her grandmother's death. Sachiko is worried about Nana. The chapter ends with Nana thinking about how she is going to lure Daisuke into the warehouse that she had prepared with Jin.

Long Summary

Everyone is waiting for Moe at the school. She then arrives. Daisuke and Kyouya stop her. Kyouya stops her and tells her that she is an important witness and that she must talk to him honestly. Kyouya wants to ask Moe himself to be fair. He tells Daisuke and Nana not to do anything. Kyouya told Moe that although Takeo died because of a car accident, there was a big possibility that it was actually a murder and that there was some evidence that pointed towards Nana as the culprit, but it wasn't conclusive. Kyouya asks Moe what she saw in the night when she was going home. Moe was upset by his question and was at a loss for words while everyone was waiting for an answer. Moe was afraid of Tsuruoka, and she answered that she didn't see anything. Daisuke wonders what's going on since he knows Moe witnessed the incident that night. Seiya thinks all of this didn't matter. His girlfriend wonders what's going to happen now.

Kyouya begins his explanation. He thought that Moe wasn't involved, he thought that she just that she went home on the same night as the incident. The more he looked into it, the more he realized it wasn't such a convenient story. Kyouya points in an area of the map and asks Moe if the road he's pointing is a shortcut to the station. He then asks Moe if she went there to get to the station that day. Moe denies that she went there. Kyouya doesn't believe her. She denies it again but with more anger. Then Kyouya says that she's lying. Moe is in shock.

Kyouya keeps on explaining. The guard had recorded Moe's departure from the military facility at 9:52 p.m. that night. To catch the last train to Moe's home, she'd have to catch the 10:08 p.m. train. To get from the facility to the station within about fifteen minutes, she had to be in quite a hurry. So Kyouya had Sorano run various routes to see if she could actually make it in time, and it seemed that the only route that would get her from the gate to the station within 15 minutes was the one that went by the incident. Therefore, Kyouya deduced that Moe must have gone through here first. The victim, Takeo, was called to the crime scene at 10:00 p.m. based on the word-processed text.

Kyouya points out that it takes about 10 minutes to run from the gate to the crime scene, and since Moe ran through the crime scene around 10:00 p.m., she may well have witnessed the incident. He then asks Moye if she really doesn't know anything. Then Moe shouts that she's going to quit school and lives with her grandmother. When Kyouya asks her why she came back, Moe says that she came to pick up her luggage and say goodbye to everyone, but she is asked so many questions that her head is spinning. Kyouya apologies and tries to continue but Moe asks him to leave her alone. She ran off.

As she runs down the corridor, Moe thinks that her grandmother will forgive her for what she did because she told her to run away. But the image of her grandmother crosses her mind and she stops. Then she remembers that her grandmother died, and with a pale face, she holds her chest. Just then, Nana, who had been following Moe, called out to her. Moe said that she had never been of any help to her senpai [1]before and shouted that Nana was going to figure something out this time anyway. Nana was surprised and said nothing for a few seconds. Then, she said with a sad smile, "Welcome home." Moe ran off silently, shaking.

Meanwhile, after Moe left, the students were whispering about how she was involved in the case and that she was hiding something. As a result, it became a more delicate situation than Moe testified that she saw it poorly, and Daisuke was frustrated.

Later, Daisuke goes to Tsuruoka (Nanao is here by the way) and finds out that he has kept Moe in the dark about the whole situation but now that everyone thinks that Moe is hiding the truth, Daisuke says that if he kills Nana, the backlash will be inevitable. Tsuruoka tells him that if Nana is in the way, he should kill her first. Daisuke says that if he's not careful, he'll end up killing old men and kids walking around, and asks if he can get the police to cover it up like they did when he killed Takeo, but Tsuruoka doesn't answer the question and smiles, saying that it was a good idea to think about the ability to be too powerful.

Daisuke tells him that his ability was best used as a threat by showing it off. When Tsuruoka heard his words, he said that although he looked brutish, he knew what he was doing and that if he did not lose his calmness and cunning, Nana would not outsmart him. Tsuruoka also advised him to take advantage of the trend that Moe was hiding some truth. After hearing that, Daisuke thinks for a moment and then smiles and understands what Tsuruoka means. Tsuruoka made up a story in which Nana was the real culprit, Moe was a friend and stayed quiet, and the ambiguity in her testimony was because she was conflicted. In addition, Tsuruoka told Nana what had happened to Moe and her grandmother, and told her to make good use of it.

Meanwhile, Nana was in front of Moe's room, knocking on the door, asking if she could eat with her. Sachiko comes in and tells Nana that she should run. It seems that Daisuke has already made his move and everyone is reluctantly starting to listen to him. Sachiko is worried. Daisuke had promised to kill Nana if Moe wasn't involved in the incident. Nana thanks her, but tells her to take care of Moe and Kiyomi rather than her. Sachiko then asked Nana what had happened to Moe. Nana told her that when she came in contact with Moe, she smelled faintly of incense.

Although Nana doesn't know how many days ago Moe's grandmother died, she speculates that Moe hasn't changed clothes and hasn't even taken a bath at that time. As she was leaving, Nana called out to Moe in front of her room to talk in her room again, and told her that she didn't mind when Moe had come into her room without permission and had been lounging around.

Meanwhile, Moe was in her room with the curtains closed, sending a text message to her grandmother saying that she'll be home soon. After that, Nana almost got the whole story of the incident but Daisuke's ability is too dangerous, so the problem is that after he confronts you, you are the culprit. The most difficult challenge was how to lure Daisuke into that warehouse that Nana and Jin had prepared.


  • School
  • Military facility (mentioned + flashback)
  • Train station (mentioned)
  • School hallway
  • Tsuruoka's office
  • In front of Moe's room
  • Moe's room
  • Crime scene
  • Tachibana's dwelling

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Moe (Flashback)


  • Nana is wearing the shoes she bought during the last chapter.
  1. Nana