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Beginning of the Revolution (革命のはじまる, かくめいのはじまる, kakumei no hajimaru) is the 67th chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya.


Nana and Kyouya are walking in opposite direction. Its written : "Humanity and enemies of humanity."

Last Chapter

Sachiko did kill Takeo but Daisuke was manipulating her. Meanwhile, Daisuke is still locked in the warehouse's basement. Nanao then arrives, noticing that Daisuke lost. Chapter 66


Moe dreams about a memory of her with her grandmother. While dreaming, she remembers that Sachiyo is death, and suddenly wakes up. Nana is holding her hand. Meanwhile, Nanao humiliates Daisuke and manages to convince him to use his power to its full extent. Nana admits her guilt to Kyouya, Fuuko, and Sachiko. Fuuko and Sachiko get furious. Kyouya learns a lot about Nana. Jin appears to confirm what Nana said. He meets Kyouya. As Jin is about to tell Nana about her brother, there is a huge explosion coming from the warehouse. The citizens are panicking. Tsuruoka arrives in front of Jin and the 4 students. He tells Nana that she's under arrest for a terrorist act.

Long Summary

Moe with her grandmother (Flashback, Moe is sleeping)

Sachiyo asks Moe where does she want to go. Moe replied happily saying that she wanted to go to the zoo, and then to a department store to buy some toys. As they're walking, Moe suddenly stops and starts crying. She remembers that Sachiyo is dead. Moe says that now that her grandmother is dead, she finally understands a little more about life, and that she wishes she could have done more for her. Sachiyo then hugs Moe saying : "It's okay." She said that all that mattered was that Moe was healthy. Moe cried and tells Sachiyo with a big smile that she loved her. Immediately after that, Moe wakes up in a hospital bed.

Moe talks with Nana

Nana was holding her hand. Moe asks her why she came to save her[1]. Nana tells her that she couldn't stand to see anyone else get hurt because of her. Nana also says that it was thanks to Moe that she was able to defeat Daisuke this time. Nana says that Moe's accusations against Daisuke brought everyone together, and it was through all of this that she was able to lure him out. Moe shyly asked if they're friends. She immediately crawled under her bed's cover. Nana said yes while smiling.

Daisuke is free

Daisuke, who had been locked in the basement of an abandoned warehouse by Nana, had been released by Nanao. Daisuke looked very annoyed and mumbled that he would never make such a mistake again. Nanao asked him if he was friends with Takeo. Daisuke replied that he and Takeo were in the same club. Daisuke said that he thought he could use Takeo someday because he was a nice guy. Nanao then asked him if it would be so bad if he used his ability here. Daisuke clicks his tongue and explains that when an electric current is passed through something that conducts electricity, Joule heat is produced.

Sometimes when lightning strikes a mountain and it catches fire, it's usually because the water in the trees is subjected to a tremendous level of electric current and vaporizes in an instant. The water that is suddenly vaporized expands in volume thousands of times, causing a steam explosion. When Nanao heard this story, he pointed to the water in the tire and asked how can such a small amount of water cause a huge explosion. It doesn't seem to make sense. Nanao then asks him to try it out for himself. Daisuke, mad, said that it would kill the idiot (Nanao). Nanao stared Daisuke and menacingly said : "Do it." Daisuke began to shake. He got afraid.

Nanao smiled and said that Tsuruoka had originally told him to make a big deal out of it and that he had been watching it happen because he thought it would be fun. Nanao tells Daisuke that it's hard to be a good boy. He points out to Daisuke that although he is acting rationally, he is probably pushing himself too hard, and that although he seems to be aware of his abilities, he really wants to let loose with all his might. Nanao told Daisuke that he should give in to his natural animalistic urges. Nanao then left the abandoned warehouse without Daisuke, saying that he had to hurry and get out of there.

Daisuke went from scared to furious as Nanao left. Daisuke released his ability.

Nana admits everything

Sachiko was crying in a chair in the hospital, feeling guilty for killing Takeo. Fuuko asks if she should tell the police, but Kyouya tells her that the police must stay out of the case. Kyouya says that even though there have been constant murders among talented people since they were on the island, neither the military nor the police have acted, making it seem as if they are condoning talented killing of each other.

Then Nana appears and says that Kyouya is right. She tells them that the talented are the enemies of humanity and the police and military want them to be eliminated in secret. The four of them then walk out of the hospital together. Suddenly, Nana apologized to Fuuko and told her that although she didn't do anything directly to Ryuuji, she was the one who created the soil for the abnormal killers to spring up on that island and let them run wild. Nana also tells Sachiko that she is responsible for the murder that Kiyomi did. At Nana's sudden confession, both Fuuko and Sachiko freeze and are speechless.

When Kyouya asks her if she has ever done anything directly to him, Nana replies that she has, many times. Kyouya asks Nana if she's also responsible for Nanao's death. Nana admits it[2]. Sachiko, who was watching the exchange, became upset and asked Nana what did she mean.

Then Nana tells her that she is a murderer and that she originally came to the island with the intention of killing all of them. Nana said that she was going to tell everyone at the school everything that she knew. Kyouya asks her if she is working for Tsuruoka. Nana was surprised that he figured it out and admits it too. Nana asks him if he believes her. Kyouya said that the idea that Tsuruoka and the others wanted to eliminate the talented could explain the situation. However, when Kyouya was about to speak, a stunned Fuuko was distraught at the shocking revelation that Nana was a murderer. Fuuko was traumatized, and Sachiko was so shocked that she fell.

Kyouya pointed out that if she told the truth to everyone, things would be messed up, but Nana said that she wanted to encourage everyone to evacuate. Kyouya says that there will be a lot of people who will want Nana to die and apologize before they listen to such nonsense, but Nana replies that she understands. Sensing her strong will, Kyouya agrees to listen to her until the end, as long as it makes sense.

At that moment, Jin appears and says that he will testify as well, but Kyouya was puzzled, and asked who he was. Jin introduced himself, saying it was nice to meet him. After that, they start walking through the city on their way to the school Just as Jin was about to tell Nana that he had found out something about her brother, there was suddenly a huge explosion nearby.


The alarms go off and people start to panic. Nana looks at the direction of the explosion, mutters that it's towards the warehouse, and turns pale[3]. Then, Tsuruoka immediately appears in a car. Tsuruoka points a gun at Nana and tells her that she is being held as a suspect in this "terrorist" act.


Outside (Moe's dream / flashback)



American football stadium (Flashback)


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The chapter 68 will also be released on the 10th.

Characters in Order of Appearance





Moe Flashback / Moe's dream

Sachiyo Flashback / Moe's dream





Takeo Daisuke's flashback





Most of the characters that died appear in a single panel.


  1. Nana saved Moe from Daisuke.
  2. Nanao isn't dead but he was the first person to go missing since Nana arrived at the school.
  3. Daisuke must be responsible for this explosion.