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{{Detailed_Manga_Info|title1=Revolution and a Smile|chapter=68|length=42 pages|release_date=December 10th, 2021|volume=|next_chapter=[[Chapter 69|Management Camp]]|last_chapter=[[Chapter 67|Beginning of the Revolution]]|image1=<gallery>
{{Detailed_Manga_Info|title1=Revolution and a Smile|chapter=68|length=42 pages|release_date=December 10th, 2021|volume=9|next_chapter=[[Chapter 69|Management Camp]]|last_chapter=[[Chapter 67|Beginning of the Revolution]]|image1=<gallery>
File:Jin and Kyouya facing Tsuruoka.jpg|Jin and Kyouya facing Tsuruoka
File:Jin and Kyouya facing Tsuruoka.jpg|Jin and Kyouya facing Tsuruoka

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Revolution and a Smile (革命そして笑顔, かくめいそしてえがお, kakumei soshite egao) is the 68th chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya.

Last Chapter

Nana admits her guilt to Kyouya, Fuuko, and Sachiko. Fuuko and Sachiko get furious. Kyouya learns a lot about Nana. Jin appears to confirm what Nana said. As Jin is about to tell Nana about her brother, there is a huge explosion coming from the warehouse. The citizens are panicking. Tsuruoka arrives in front of Jin and the 4 students. He tells Nana that she's under arrest for a terrorist act. Chapter 67


Chapter 69 will be released on January 12.


Tsuruoka injures Jin severely and captures him. He captures Kyouya too. Everyone at the school knows that Nana murdered people and tried to kill Nanao. They beat up Nana and the military comes. She is sent to jail. The talented are now officially known as enemies of humanity. They're persecuted. Three years have passed and Nana gets asked by mysterious people is she had been rehabilitated. She says yes and smiles.

Long Summary

Jin says that it’s an act of terrorism while smiling. Nana tells Jin that even if he thinks that Soma used his powers, why would he blow himself up? Nana then remembers seeing Nanao on the cameras of the school dorm. Tsuruoka declares that there have already been casualties among the civilian population. Tsuruoka adds that Daisuke is a suspect too. Jin tells Tsuruoka that it is too early to make a damage report[1]. Jin tells Tsuruoka that he knows he’s up to something, hanging out with a bunch of old politicians. He adds that it was too easy to get close to “that old man”. Jin had observed an unknown old man as a bird.

Jin asks Tsuruoka if he is trying to use this explosion as an opportunity to persecute people with the powers. Jin adds that it'll take a lot of effort to keep the police and the media quiet every time there's a murder at the school. He adds that Tsuruoka manipulated Nana this whole time to sacrifice her on this specific day. Sachiko, worried, says that she didn’t kill Daisuke. Jin asks Sachiko to take Nana and run away. Sachiko is scared but Jin says that the situation is urgent. Nana has now been made an enemy of the state. He adds that soon, all the talented will be. Nana hugs Sachiko and tells her to teleport to school. Sachiko does so. Kyouya tells Sorano to escape.

Kyouya says that it’s strange that Tsuruoka doesn’t put the gun down even though Nana escaped. Kyouya tells Jin that he must be strong. Kyouya says that from Tsuruoka’s point of view, he must have been facing three little girls, and a wooden figure that just wouldn't die[2], so he’s been pointing his gun at Jin this whole time. Jin thinks that he has many tricks up his sleeve, but he’s being watched by so many people that he can only use his simplest abilities. Jin thinks that it should be enough. Tsuruoka shoots at Jin. The bullet only made a cut on his cheek. Tsuruoka plans to shoot Jin faster than he can use his abilities. Tsuruoka shoots Jin in the leg and it works. Jin and Kyouya form a plan, but Tsuruoka sees right through it. Blood is spilling on the next panel, but no character is seen.

Sachiko has teleported Nana to the school. She’s worried. Nana informs Sachiko that the enemies of humanity don’t exist. Sachiko tells Nana that she’s responsible for Takeo’s death. She had planned on telling everyone. Sachiko can’t believe she knows how it feels to kill people. Sachiko and Nana go to the class. The students are worried. Moguo tells Nana that she is a murder. Nanao tells everyone that Nana tried to kill him on the island. Nana admits that she did. Everyone is shocked. Jin is being brought to a truck, unconscious. Kyouya too.

Sorano tries to go help them but Sachiko stops her. They’re with Kiyomi. Sachiko cries, saying that Nanao is alive but he is not the Nanao they know. Nana admitted her guilt. Sachiko is afraid of Nanao. Sachiko says that when someone says something like that, everyone gets crazy. Kiyomi says that Nana was assaulted and beaten which shocked Sorano. She asks if Nana has died. Kiyomi describes that soldiers arrived and put Nana, who stopped moving, in a bag. They carried her somewhere. Sachiko says that she can’t do it anymore and that the whole situation is a mess.

Moe, in her hospital room, hears doctors speaking. They’re implying that Nana is responsible for the explosion. They talk about a politician named Kario Kana that has been distant for a while from the ruling party. Despite the rumors, he's still very close to this party, and is apparently involved in the talented individual management council. They then talk about the talented being in danger recently.  Moe is worried about Nana.

A lot of events are shown successively including the arrest of Moguo and his henchmen. Nanao had gone back to the cliff where Nana tried to kill him. Tsuruoka was talking with a politician. Nanao is seen at the cliff where Nana had pushed him, looking at the ocean. Talented are now officially known as enemies of humanity.

Nana was in jail. She meets mysterious people. They tell her that three years have passed. They ask her if she thinks she has been rehabilitated. Nana smiles and says yes. She adds that talented people are enemies of humanity.



School Dorms (Flashback)



The Island


Characters in Order of Appearance

Nana (Cover)







Nanao (Flashback)


Class' students (Imagined)

Daisuke (Imagined)

Moguo's Henchmen



Seiya’s girlfriend

Class’ students



Moguo (Imagined)

Nanao (Imagined)

Seiya (Flashback)

Seiya’s girlfriend (Flashback)

Class' students (Flashback)


Kario (Timeskip)

Moguo's Henchmen (Timeskip)

Kiyomi (Timeskip)

Sachiko (Timeskip)

Tsuruoka (Timeskip)

Nanao (Timeskip)


  1. The explosion just occurred.
  2. Kyouya


Kiyomi is finally back.