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Reunion (再会, さいかい, saikai) is the 70th chapter of the Munou na Nana manga, written by Looseboy, and illustrated by Iori Furuya.


  • The next chapter will be released on March 11th.
  • Volume 9 has been released.

Last Chapter

Nana is given a mission by the investigator. He explains that while Nana was in jail for three years, social conditions changed, and under the leadership of new Prime Minister Kario, legislation was passed that greatly restricted the rights of the talented. Talented from all over the country are being transported to the management camp. Nanao, who is a chief of the army, then brings Nana outside. He is about to tell her her mission, so she follows him. When she gets behind them, Nana is about to take her knife out. Chapter 69

Meaning of the title

Nana reunites with Kyouya.


Nanao brings Nana to the management camp where they receive food twice a day, and it's mostly bread and soup with no other ingredients. Moguo asks for one more bread for Saito because he couldn’t come since he had a fever. He then gets aggressive and uses his talent. The military and Nanao stop Moguo from causing damage. Nanao then tests Nana to see if she’s loyal. She has to punish Moguo, who broke the rules. Nanao pretends to leave. Nana puts on an act to make Nanao think she punished Moguo. Nana had in reality slid one more bread bag on Moguo. After Nana is brought to her room, Kyouya enters. He asks Nana if she’s the new supervisor. He presents himself saying that his name is Kyouya and he’s the head of the surveillance team. He asks Nana for her name.

Long Summary

Nanao says that it has been three years since Nana was locked up. Nana says that she’s glad to be out. Nanao starts describing the place they’re going to. He says it’s like a prison. He adds that there are some living quarters where they allow people to live at least a decent life. Nana has heard they’ve been putting talented people here. Nanao brings Nana near a crowd of people waiting in line to get food. They receive food twice a day, and it's mostly bread and soup with no other ingredients. Moguo is the next person to pick up his food. He begs for one more bread because Saito has a fever. Moguo gets angry because of the refusal of his request.

The military and Nanao stop him. Nanao points out to Moguo that he has lost a lot of weight. Moguo is surprised to see Nanao. Nanao tells Moguo that this camp’s goal is to turn the talented into normal people. Moguo starts complaining and Nanao tells him that he’s lucky they don’t kill him. Moguo angrily asks Nanao how many people he thinks have died because of his whims. Moguo says that he was taken to the camp headquarters. Before he finishes his sentence, he notices Nana. Nanao realizes that it’s a good opportunity to test Nana. He hands her a bat. She asks Nanao if he wants her to punish Moguo. Nanao tells Nana that she has figured it out. Her job is to control and monitor the talented.

Nanao tells Nana that Moguo deserves to be punished since he broke the rules. Nanao adds that if she doesn’t like it, Nana can go back to solitary confinement. Nanao is called by a member of the military to take care of a talented person. They leave Nana alone with Moguo. Nanao tells her to take good care of Moguo before leaving. Moguo is surprised that Nana is alive. He says “good”. Nana is surprised at Moguo saying “good”. Moguo apologizes saying that he wanted to mock Nana all this time. Nana says that she honestly confessed her sins at that time but nobody listened to her. Nana says that everyone is going crazy.

Nana says with a dark expression : “How dare you all come at me like that?”[1] Moguo tries to run, but Nana catches him asking him not to run away. Nana hits Moguo making him collapse. This worries the crowd of talented. Nanao arrives from behind and congratulates Nana. Nanao tells Nana that she changed her mind once and went against Tsuruoka, so he pretended to disappear to see if she’d really punish Moguo. Nanao tells Nana that when she was walking down the street, she was complaining about her shoes being loose. He adds that there were pieces of broken mirrors all over the ground[2].

He checks Nana’s arm and sees nothing. Nanao is theorizing that Nana had been using a mirror, and knew that he was still there, and that’s why she hit Moguo. Nana answers that she doesn’t have the courage to attempt something like that. Nanao tells Nana that he believes her. Nanao says that now he’s going to call someone else, and he’ll give instructions to Nana. They talk about when Nana pushed him off a cliff. Nanao says that he looks forward to working with Nana in the future. As Nanao leaves, Shoichi is angry at Nana.

Living quarters of Moguo and his henchmen

Back at their living quarters, Shoichi converse with Moguo. Shoichi says that Nana has changed. As Shoichi talks about Nana, Moguo interrupts him. He shows Shoichi a bag of bread that he pulled out of his shirt. When Nana hit him, she was acting. He adds that it didn’t hurt that much. Shoichi points out to Moguo that he lost weight. Shoichi asks Moguo if he really fainted. He confirms that. Moguo supposes that Nana managed to give him the bread somehow.


Nana is brought to her room. The military man insults Nana about the talented hating her for her actions. After he leaves, Nana is thinking about it. She believes she deserves to be hated by the talented. Nana is determined to get everyone out of here. Nana can't believe they knew she was sneaking around with a mirror. She then says she didn't even need to use the mirror at the time she hit Moguo. As Nana is in a train of thoughts, Kyouya opens her door. He asks Nana if she’s the new supervisor. He presents himself saying that his name is Kyouya and he’s the head of the surveillance team. He asks Nana for her name.


  • Outside
  • Management camp
  • School (Flashback)
  • Living quarters of Moguo and his henchmen
  • Headquarters

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  1. She got beaten up after confessing.
  2. Even when invisible, Nanao can be seen through glass