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Daisuke Souma (相馬 ダイスケ, Daisuke Sōma) is a classmate of Nana, though he was just recently introduced. He is a bit of a delinquent and rarely attends classes. According to Seiya, he is "bad news." Despite this, he is the current class leader, taking the place of Nana after threatening her.


Daisuke has red hair with light streaks on the bottom and piercing light-colored eyes. He is tall and buff.


Daisuke is a very brash and bold individual who has no problem speaking his mind. He appears to be a bit of a delinquent, as he does not attend his classes. Nanao even describes him as "the type of guy who wouldn't hesitate to kill someone for his own benefit." However, he seems to possess more intelligence than his classmates, as he suspects that Nana's cute personality is just an act.


Daisuke has the ability to amplify the electricity in his body. He is open about the fact that he cannot control how strong it is, and is reluctant to use it near buildings, as it can cause fires and hurt bystanders.






Although their first interaction was heated, Daisuke still formed an alliance with him because he was bored.


Daisuke allied with Tsuruoka and the government even though he believes they're shady. He's fine with this alliance because they can cover up his crimes.



Nana allowed Daisuke to take her position of leader to save Kiyomi's life. Daisuke then let Nana know that he'd kill her someday. Daisuke tries to frame Nana using the murder of Takeo.


Before going to the island, they were part of the same rugby team at school. Apparently, Daisuke left the team because of an injury. Takeo stood up for Kiyomi when Daisuke was threatening to kill her. Daisuke killed Takeo during a night using a car. Moe witnessed the incident.


Daisuke used her as a way to get to Nana and steal her leader position. Since Kiyomi is responsible for Hikaru's death, Daisuke threatened to execute her on the spot.



He killed Takeo in front of her. He tries to use her as a witness and even attempts to force her to admit that Nana killed Takeo. Moe denies that she saw anything anyways. Kyouya proves that she had to have seen something. Then, Daisuke goes as far as choking her and punching her in chapter 63.


Daisuke keeps trying to push the investigation and quickly portray Nana as the culprit. However, Kyouya doesn't trust him, one of the reasons being that there was evidence of Nana being the criminal. However, Kyouya knows that Nana never leaves any kind of evidence.


He might hold some kind of respect for Koharu because he stated that he didn't care about monkeys like Tsunekichi and Yuuka dying. It bothered him when Koharu died.


The students don't seem to trust him despite his position of leader. This might be due to his harsh attitude. He seems to have no respect for them either. Daisuke calls most of his classmates: monkeys. He didn't hesitate to kill Takeo.