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The Invisible Blade Part 2 (見えざる刃 PART2, Miezaru Yaiba Pāto Tsū) is the 11th episode to the Munou na Nana (Anime).



Within the scene of the crime, Kyouya reviews the facts surrounding the murder. Furthermore, Kyouya questions Moguo and his henchmen for any alibis as Moguo's room is adjacent to the murder victim Ryuuji Ishii. Because of this, each of Moguo's henchmen discloses their respective Talent. Saito can mimic voices of other, Tsurumigawa's is Astral Projection, and finally Shoichi's involves Magnetism. Ryuuji's girlfriend Fuuko also discloses her alibi and show cases her "Wind Control" Talent outside. Fuuko's Talent is used on Kyouya whose chest is sliced open by the Talent. She also reveals that she can't use her Talent in closed spaces and requires ventilation. At that moment, the Homeroom Teacher arrives at the scene and informs him that he's got his Superiors on hold on the phone so he can talk with them.

Back at the crime scene, Nana and Michiru briefly re-investigate the location and Nana notices Michiru acting rather strange. The two later enjoy lunch at the cafeteria and during it Michiru discloses that she one day wants to become a doctor when finishes school. Michiru also proposes that she should introduce her parents to Nana in the future. This offer triggers Nana making her leave the cafeteria table. Afterward, Nana reflects on that with regret as she allowed her emotions to get the better of her, but it confirms her notions that Michiru is acting strange as of late with her congenial nature. Also through her suspicions, Nana believes that Michiru is onto her. This is suspected after the Homeroom Teacher returns her school uniform that Michiru repaired and when she did, Michiru took Nana's poison bottle. It's then Kyouya arrives and briefly inquires Nana about Michiru's recent behavior, but drops it and asks her to follow him to Fuuku's room. Before they leave, the Homeroom Teacher informs them that a person from HQ will be arriving soon, which Nana finds strange.

In Fuuko's room, Kyouya and Nana question Fuuko about Ryuuji concerning various things such as sleep schedule, how a rift opened between them in recent times, and his personality. Satisfied with the information they were told, Kyouya and Nana leave, but Fuuko stops Nana before she leaves requesting they catch the killer. Reviewing the facts in the hallway Kyouya believes that Ryuuji was killed during Moguo's lecture to his henchmen. After this, Nana visits Michiru's room and reads her diary, which has logs involving her and Nana's time together. Just then Jin appears before Nana and returns to her her bottle of poison. Jin tells Nana his desire to meet her superior that trained her to be an assassin. But before leaving informs her that Michiru has spent a long time in the shower, to which, when Nana checks up on her, finds that she's unconscious in her bath tub.