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The Invisible Blade Part 3 (見えざる刃 PART3(スリー), Miezaru Yaiba Pāto Surī) is the 12th episode to the Munou na Nana (Anime).


Nana decides to save Michiru. She asks the homeroom teacher for help, he suggests that she asks Kyouka. She gets acetaminophen from Kyouka as he's performing an autopsy on Ryuuji's body. Fuuko arrives at Michiru's room and Nana suspects that she might be trying to kill Michiru. The next day, when Michiru finally wakes up, and she has fun with Nana. Meanwhile, in the forest, Jin speaks with someone suspicious and Jin warns him not to mess with animals. He then wonders who is to blame for Nana's manipulation[1]. Tsuruoka tells a group of mysterious people in a meeting that he'll go to the island. Kyouya continues his investigation. Nana plays shogi with Michiru. Michiru then reveals her past. Hitomi is the one who made Michiru who she is today. Hitomi has now passed away. After this sad story, Nana leaves Michiru's room and realizes that she's human. Since childhood, she has been taught that talented are enemies of humanity. Nana collapses and cries.


Michiru's risk of dying

The episode starts with Nana rushing towards Michiru who is tired in the bathtub. Apparently, she's still breathing. Nana thinks that if she is left alone, she will surely die. However, Nana decided that Michiru couldn't die yet. Michiru is in critical condition. Nana told the homeroom teacher that Michiru has a fever, hoping to get a doctor who is stationed on the island. However, the only doctor that was on the island left because of the murders. The homeroom teacher suggests she asks Kyouka for help. She then asks Kyouya, but he is currently performing an autopsy on Ryuuji's body. Nana tries to get acetaminophen[2] pills from Kyouka knowing that it'd make her look suspicious. Kyouka says that she's knowledgeable.

Nana headed to the cafeteria realizing that she needs water, table salt, sugar, vegetables, and eggs for nutrition purposes. Sadly, it was already closed. After Nana threw a rock to break the window and entered the cafeteria, she realized that the talented people are arrogant because they can skip these inconveniences. Nana takes what she needs and heads back to Michiru's room. While Nana is taking care of Michiru, Kyouya shows up to check on them. Even Kyouka has no idea of what happened to Michiru. At first, Kyouya suspects that Nana is responsible for Michiru's condition. Nana is thinking about how she missed kills opportunities since Kyouka is focused on an investigation.

Kyouka's investigation

After the morning arrives and Kyouka is investigating Shoichi's room. According to Shoichi, there was a dead animal near the school that had been decapitated just like Ryuuji. He thinks the same person killed Ryuuji. Kyouka didn't find any weapon in this room.


Michiru is slowly getting back to consciousness. Fuuko enters the room. She asks Nana how is the case going. Nana says that she let Kyouka handle it. Fuuko believes that the person who killed her boyfriend also injured Michiru. She was also worried about Nana, and even offered to take care of her. However, Nana refuses. Nana made that choice because she was concerned that Michiru knew and was about to reveal the truth about her. Nana theorizes that if Michiru is linked with Ryuuji's murder, Fuuko would want to silence her.

Reason why Michiru collapsed

Michiru finally wakes up. Nana asks her why did she collapse. Michiru saw two cats and it looked like one was asking her to heal the other who was badly injured. After Michiru rescued the cat, she suddenly felt cold and took a bath, which made her lose consciousness. So she lost consciousness because of her talent. Nana realizes that Michiru isn't related to Ryuuji's death. Michiru tries to heal Nana's wound that she got when she broke into the cafeteria which makes Nana angry and she scolds Michiru for her behavior because it shortens her life span. Michiru is surprised when she realizes that Nana stayed with her the whole time. Michiru tells Nana that her hair is disheveled. Nana mess with Michiru's hair and they laugh together.


Jin encounters a suspicious person while investigating the forest. Jin loves animals and he doesn't care if Michiru's life is shortened as long as the animals are saved. He turned into a cat and asked Michiru to heal the cat's injuries. He hates it when someone hurts animals. Jin warned him not to mess with animals, and the suspicious person left. Jin investigated Nana's phone, but could not find any information. The phone was filled with "meaningless contacts". The estimated number of people killed was also a meaningless list of numbers to Jin. Jin declares: "Sometimes people can believe that pebbles are diamonds" Jin begins to investigate the identity of the unscrupulous vendor who sold the pebbles to Nana.


Meanwhile, the council was thinking about Nana's situation. She killed a lot of people quickly. They conclude that Tsuruoka trained her well[3]. They received a request for "help" from the island. Tsuruoka says that he'll go there and that Nana is practically family to him.

Back to the investigation

Rentarou is running an errand for Moguo. Kyouka interrogates him. According to him, Ryuuji was an unbelievably nice person, he was smart, and he always put Fuuko before his friends.

Nana and Michiru

In the meantime, Nana and Michiru were having a peaceful time. Nana thinks that Michiru is wasting her time. She starts to make plans to kill Fuuko. Nana tries to leave the room to go kill Fuuko. Michiru begs her to stay longer. Michiru suggests that they play shogi because she thinks that Nana is bored. Nana goes take a shower. On her way, she's thinking that she should have killed any feelings she had for Michiru. Nana is also terrified as she's thinking about what Tsuruoka would think if he saw what she has done over the last two days. Kyouka is inspecting the crime scene at the same time.

Nana plays Shoji with Michiru and asks Michiru why is she such a good person. She was even trying to help Kaori, who was bullying her. Michiru believes that everyone deserves to be served. Nana then mentions a certain "Hitomi-san". Nana knows that from Michiru's diary and pretended that she read Michiru's mind to explain how she knew the name Hitomi.

Flashback : Michiru's past

Three years ago, Michiru healed a male student's scrape at school using her talent[4]. Because of this, she began to be persecuted at school by a jealous female student. After she healed Hitomi's dog, Hitomi showed up. Hitomi had a bad reputation so Michiru tried to run away. Hitomi catches her and says that her talent is amazing since it can save all kinds of people. Since that day, Hitomi, who had not been attending school, came to school and defended Michiru against her bullies. Hitomi tried to make Michiru heal her mother's cold but she explained that she can't heal internal injuries. Hitomi asks Michiru to be more confident. Hitomi rarely came to school anyway, and when they met again in a hospital.

As Michiru was healing someone she collapsed. When she woke up she saw Hitomi. Michiru asks Hitomi what she was doing there. Hitomi says that her hair is actually a wing meaning that she had cancer since before she met Michiru. She didn't come to school because she was sick. Michiru asks Hitomi why she was so nice to her. Hitomi thought Michiru was cool because she saved her dog before they even met. Michiru believes that Hitomi is the cool one. Hitomi says that trying to do something for someone is what makes you cool. Hitomi died and Michiru could do nothing about it, that's why she tries so hard[to be nice and help others]. Nana leaves the room. She sees Michiru's potential kill count of 150,000 people and she slumps.


Michiru's bathroom
Michiru's bedroom
Homeroom teacher's office
Kyouka's room
Shoichi's room
Room where the council members meet
Michiru's elementary school

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  1. Tsuruoka
  2. more info on it :
  3. He got called "Tsuruoka-sensei"
  4. She licked his leg