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Talentless (無能力, むのうりょく, Munōryoku) is the first episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the first chapter (Volume 1, Chapter 1) of the manga.


Mysterious beings known as the "Enemies of Humanity" began to appear . To deal with them, children with supernatural powers called the "Talented" are being trained on a school located on a desert island for the upcoming battle against the enemies of humanity. The self conscious and morose Nanao, is introduced to two new students in his classroom. One of whom, will change his life forever either for the better or worse.


An inner monologue introduction by Nanao is given in his classroom. He laments not fitting in with his peers in the school on The Island. Immediately Nanao is bullied by a student named Moguo, which makes another student named Seiya, intervene. The Homeroom teacher then gives a passionate speech on the Talented's purpose and goal. As a result, Moguo shuts him down and demands that he introduce the new student. At that moment, Kyouya enters the classroom and gives a concise introduction, which infuriates Moguo who acts apprehensively demanding to know his ability. On the other hand, Kyouya shuts him down and then takes his seat. Just then one more transfer student arrives, whom is a bubbly girl named Nana who instantly discloses her power to the class. Perchance, the only available seat left in the classroom is seated next to Nanao, which makes him anxious.

After homeroom class, Nana asks Nanao if he's a victim of bullying, whereas, Moguo steps in and claims that the boy is an enemy of mankind as he's talentless. This sparks a mini tirade by Nanao on enemies of mankind, that's halted by Moguo, only for him to be rebuked by Nana. Eventually, Nana learns that Nanao is studious on the topic of enemies of mankind and that he has a pet cat. The homeroom teacher then interrupts Nina claiming she's disrupting the class. Nina apologizes and denotes that the teacher was about to announce the students will choose a class rep. When the teacher asks who would like to volunteer for the position, nearly every student raises their hand. As a result, Nana nominates Nanao, much to his dismay. Therefore, Kyouya suggests that Moguo, Seiya, and Nanao duke it out for the position and both Moguo and Seiya agree to the terms.

A flashback involving Nanao's backstory is shown and after school, Nana follows Nanao and asks him to give her a tour of the island. Although hesitant, Nanao does and first takes her to the cafeteria building. There, they talk about Nana and her mind reading ability and then go to a cliff hanging by the seaside. It's there Nanao talks about his ability and why he refuses to talk or show it off. As they're talking, Nana is struck by an invisible force and falls off the cliff making Nanao try and rescue her. Meanwhile, Kyouya does some investigating in the school facility room.

Back at the cliff side, Nana is shown to be safe. The two then head back to the school dorms and Nana continues to try and convince Nanao about the class rep position. However, Nanao is adamant to follow his goal of eliminating the threats to humanity and feels violated as Nanao continues to try and reason with him by reading his mind. It was his father who forced him to attend the school and Nanao was complicit only to gain his approval. After this, Nanao heads straight to his room to lie on his bed and after reflecting on a scene from his past, is visited by Nanao. She returns his wristwatch that he forgot back in the cafeteria and then leaves him be, leaving Nanao to think that Nana did this right before bedtime.

The following day, out in the school yard Moguo and Seiya get ready to face off against each other with their homeroom teacher and fellow students observing it. Believing that Nanao has chickened out of they're both anxious to start, but are shuttered to hear the teacher the challenge will be a fist-fight. With that settled with, the two start fighting and are at first evenly matched, but Seiya manages to briefly incapacitate Moguo allowing him a premature victory. Enraged, Moguo creates a disturbingly large sized fireball and regrettably tosses it at his students. Seeing his fellow students in a pinch, especially Nana, Nanao leaps in front of the fireball, and uses his Talent to cancel out the fireball. Right after this, Nanao thanks Nana for returning his watch to him last night and admits that his ability can negate other people's abilities. At this revelation, the nearly entire student body surrounds and praises Nanao as Nana embraces him.

Afterward, both Nanao and Nana stand by the cliff side and talk about him being the new leader, how he admires his father, and the details surrounding his ability. This leads to them trying out if Nanao can cancel out people's abilities through physical contact and it apparently works. It's then that Nana pushes Nanao off the cliff and as he hangs from the rope dangling off the cliff, as she "reads" Nanao's mind in a cold and aloof manner. As it turns out, Nana doesn't have a mind reading talent or any talent whatsoever. In truth, she's a keen observer and is able to logically deduce people's emotions and thoughts through even the smallest of details. Furthermore, Nana concluded that out of all of the students he would one day become the enemy commander of the Talented. Which is why, after figuring out the nature of his abilities, concluded he must be eliminated. To that, Nana severs the rope that Nanao hangs onto and he falls to his death into the water.


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