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Talented vs Talentless (能力者VS.無能力者, Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha) is the third episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the third and forth chapter (Volume 1, Chapters 3-4) of the manga.


Nana befriends the other transfer student Kyouya in hopes to discover his Talent and eliminate him before he solves what happened to Nanao.


On a dark rainy day, Kyouka investigates the area where Nanao was last seen at. At the school, it's noticed that Nanao and Youhei are now absent. Internally, Nana notes that she's the one whom eliminated them both and still has a ways to go. It's then that Seiya confronts Nana and asks her "What's on his mind?". In her response, Nana details that if he's serious about his relationship with his girlfriend then he shouldn't pin her against the wall. Shocked that Nana knew that he had a girlfriend, Moguou praises Nana for using her Talent to find out, Seiya's secret relationship. Right as Nana was about to explain her deduction, Kyouya intervenes and details his observations about both Seiya and his girlfriend. Although, Kyouya's appearance is highly suspicious as he's not only soaking wet, but he has seaweed attached to his head.

Afterward, Nana asks to eat lunch with him, but he flatly rejects the offer, so she then tails him to the outside vending machine where he purchases a can of milk. Sequentially, Kyouya heads to the janitor's closet, where he briefly enters and then exits it. Once he's out of sight, Nana investigates the place and finds a bowl of warm milk that was for a stray cat. Later that day, Nana points out the piece of seaweed stuck to his head and he thanks her for telling him that and requests that they become friends. Perplexed by the sudden announcement spoken so frankly, Nana is then lead to Kyouya's room where she plans on analyzing his room to have a greater understanding of him. What she finds out astounds her as Kyouya is a complete otaku with a special interest in retro games. As they play a game together, Nana inquires why Kyouya wants to be friends with her, he answers that she's unexpectedly popular, which is uncommon for a transfer student. Hence, he asks Nana on how to make friends. To that, Nana details most people open up over similarities and reveal weaknesses. Hearing that, Kyouya details he's been told all of his life that he's unapproachable and asks if Nana thinks that true. Hesitantly, Nana answers that Kyouya is an it as he's a "F-boy". The game now over, Kyouya sternly asks what Nana means by her F-boy comment, causing a flabbergasted Nana to try and elaborate what she meant. Learning the definition behind it was, he happily jots it down in his notebook. On the other hand, Nana is taken back on how she can't read him. Kyouya then states that he tends to obsess over things that pique his interest and Nana asks if his interest is now about Nanao's disappearance if so; why? To his confession, Kyouya details that his sister once came to the island, but ever since she arrived there he hasn't heard from her. Furthermore, he opines his thoughts on Nanao's disappearance and how the school is run. Using a manga called "Humanity Girl" which is a comic about a Talented girl using her power to fight off the Enemies of Humanity. Elatedly, Nana proclaims that's her favorite book, which Kyouya states they have a similarity. However, Nana internally notes that she can kill Kyouya without any hesitation.

As it's getting late, the two call it a day, but before Nana leaves, Kyouya stops her and inquires if she recalls anything about a certain wrist watch. A watch that belonged to the late Nanao. She gives no answer, but Kyouya then asks her to follow him, and leads her to the cliff side where Nanao was last seen. There, Kyouya asks what Nana was doing during the evening of the 13th. The same day where Nanao was presumed missing and during some excursions around the island and in the surrounding ocean found Nanao's watch. Detailing that the watch broke at 6:10 PM, Kyouya asks Nana if she might know something. However, she denies knowing anything, but claims that he couldn't have committed suicide for his intrepid action during the fight for class rep contradicts that. Contrary to that notion, Kyouya believes that he was killed as a "Hail Mary" and he used his watch as evidence for his untimely demise. Lead to believe that the culprit was an enemy of humanity, but Kyouya denotes that there isn't any conclusive evidence that corroborates that fact. Internally, Nana disconcerted notes that Kyouya is 100 times more dangerous than Nanao. This is why Kyouya wanted to become friends with Nana, to uncover and confirm any of his notions surrounding the school and Talented purpose as a whole. Before Nana agrees to it, she asks what Kyouya's Talent is, but he plays coy stating if she can read minds why ask in the first place. Believing that Kyouya maybe onto her, Kyouya calmly states that he's not suspicious of Nana as he thinks she has no motive to kill Kyouya. His intentions was to warn Nana that another "Monster" might be in the lurks. To that, Nana is thankful for Kyouya's thoughtfulness.

In her room, Nana searches up Kyouya's profile, but the information surrounding him is inconclusive. So the next day, Nana plans to uncover Kyouya's Talent. The following day, both Kyouya and Nana report to their Homeroom Teacher in a separate room, about their suspicion that Nanao was killed by an Enemy of Humanity. In light of this, the homeroom teacher will notify the higher ups about this predicament. Out in the hallway, Nana and Kyouya lament how the faculty can be of now help, but Nana details how Nanao used to feed a stray cat. Right as Kyouya was going to ask her about it, Nana claims she has to use the restroom and leaves him. Internally, Kyouya denotes his suspicion of Nana's attitude surrounding Nanao's disappearance and how the school is run. He then heads to the janitor's office to leave some warm milk for the stray cat. However, the moment he turns on the gas stove, it ignites the natural gas inside, that was set up by Nana. Seeing Kyouya's burning body, Nana feigns ignorance and claims to go and fetch some water. Surprisingly, Kyouya stops her and asks why she was there first as his burns gradually heal. Confessing his thoughts and suspicions to Nana who is astounded by this revelation, and reveals his Talent along with its weakness that he believes will be perceived through her Talent. Separating from each other, Nana notes she'll unmask him.