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Healing (ヒーリング, Hīringu) is the forth episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the fifth, sixth and the first half of the seventh chapter (Volume 2, Chapters 5-7) of the manga.


In order to throw Kyouka off her tracks as the supposed, "Enemy of Humanity", Nana befriends Michiru a Healer to help her play out a diversion plot to throw him off her trail. However, little does she know that another student by the name of Tsunekichi is another student could be just as dangerous as Kyouka if not more.


Seiya, Moguo, and Shoichi confront Kyouya about the fire started in the Janitor's room the day prior as Nana eavesdrops. Kyouya denies the fact and questions why Nanao is absent again. However, Moguo doesn't care about that fact. Nana internally notes that she failed to not only kill Kyouya, but also uncover his Talent. Switching over to the conversation involving Kyouya and his confronters, they continue talking about the disappearance of Nanao. Suspecting that she won't be able to hide Youhei or Nanao's deaths for long, Nana is called out by Kyouya to help him with his situation involving Moguo, Seiya, and Shoichi. On the other hand, Nana denotes that she'll have to throw Kyouya off her trail before she can "finish him off".

Just then students, Kirara and Kaori barge into the classroom revealing that the student, Michiru had a love letter in her shoe locker. Kirara reads the letter aloud flustering Michiru, who then notices a scrape on Nana's left leg. Claiming that she merely tripped and fell, Michiru proceeds to heal the scrape by licking it. Both Kirara and Kaori praise Michiru for her kind act, but note that using her Talent diminishes her life span. Later inside a bathroom stall, Nana researches Michiru's data and finds out that her kill potential is 150k. Leaving the bathroom area, Kyouya is seen waiting outside claiming he was there for no particular reason and that he was about to feed the stray cat. This leads Nana to believe Kyouya is stalking her.

As Michiru waits for her admirer outside the garden, Nana approaches her and reveals that love letter was a setup by both Kirara and Kaori, whom were hiding in the bushes. Their cover blown the two girls then rush off in an angry fit. How, Nana knew that the meeting was a set-up was that the letter had a disparaging hidden message written on it. Thankful for Nana's help, Michiru is then invited to enjoy lunch together with Nana and she happily agrees. Unbeknownst to the two, Kyouya was clandestinely watching from inside the school.

Afterward at the cafeteria, the two enjoy lunch together and back at her dorm, Nana notes that Michiru is a personified dog. Furthermore, she reflects on Michiru's Healing Talent. If she were to kill Michiru, a blow to the back would be efficient. Right as she leaves her room, Nana sees Kyouya sitting right outside her door, which shocks her. His reason for being there was to protect her from an enemy attack, which, Nana appreciates, but it was getting late and he's in a girl's dorm. These reasons, however, don't faze him and offers to stay with her and sing her a lullaby, but Nana politely refuses and returns to her room. Alone, Kyouya ponders what Nana's intention was going out so late at night. Right as Kyouya leaves, Nana heads to Michiru's room and diverts her attention claiming there's an Enemy of Humanity outside in an attempt to kill her. Hearing a scream, Kyouya rushes into Michiru's room and finds Nana wounded in her backside and Michiru proceeds to heal it. To Nana's confession, she heard an Enemy of Humanity outside her window and wanted to warn Michiru about it. In doing so, Nana was attacked by the Enemy of Humanity causing her to take a hit for Michiru in order to defend her from it. Suspected to be an invisible type, Kyouya notes if he was overthinking things. The entire situation was revealed to be a ploy by Nana to divert suspicion from her being the killer of Nanao and Youhei.

The following day, Kyouya questions Nana and Michiru about yesterday's ambush on Nana. What's concluded is that Kyouya is unable to conclude any evidence or a motive that Nana is the real killer and not an Enemy of Humanity. Favoring Nana's agenda, Kyouya could try and follow many a plausible reason why she's the enemy, but all theories would lead to dead ends. It's then that the students in the class huddle around Nana after learning she was attacked by an Enemy of Humanity. Talks of a new leader sparks apprehension between Seiya and Moguo, but Nana intervenes confessing she believes that Nanao was killed. She also notes her incapability to stop the murder from occurring as her Talent could have prevented it. Speaking up in favor of Nana, Michiru suggests that Nana become the new Class Rep, and the class agree to the proposal. With that, Nana promises to help with the fight against the Enemies of Humanity. Kyouya from afar notices a sewn up tear on Nana's dress.

That afternoon outside of the school, Nana tasks Michiru with finding out the names and respective Talents of their students. This is to help Nana's goal to eliminate them all and mark it off as they died a hero's death. Kyouya then approaches Nana and apologizes to her for suspecting her as the culprit, but Nana internally notes that he still suspects her from his tone. He also asks if her back is alright from being stabbed by a sharp pointy object like a gimlet, which is what she stabbed herself with.

In his room while playing a game, Kyouya reflects on his continued suspicions on Nana. As Kyouya does this, Nana prepares to confront and kill him with a poisoned needle, but instead runs into the student, Tsunekichi who wants to talk with her. He asks Nana why in the future she'll kill him, showing her a picture as proof evidence, which is related to his Talent. At Tsunekichi's request the two head to the cafeteria and discuss the matter even further. Also, Tsunekichi pulls out a picture where she kills Nanao as well.