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Talented vs Talentless Part 2 (能力者VS.無能力者 PART2, Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha Pāto Surī) is the fifth episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the second half of the seventh chapter, as well as the eighth and ninth chapters (Volume 2, Chapters 7-9) of the manga.


Following Tsunekichi's whim to be his girlfriend, Nana plots to dispose of her new nemesis, only to be caught off by another wrinkle when she does.


Tsunekichi continues his interrogation of Nana, she tries to negotiate with him. Her true intentions behind her negotiations is to try and outwit and then kill him allowing her to destroy the evidence on her. When Nana asks what Tsunekichi wants, he conveys that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

In Tsunekichi's room, Nana gives him a back massage on his bed, and she asks him if he could use his Talent for the good of Humanity. He, however, rejects that notion, claiming he hates over achievers also claiming regardless of how much one tries one can't change what's predestined. Hearing this, Nana notes that she has no sympathy for the sleazebag Tsunekichi, and after he wants her to clean his ears in the nude. Increasingly annoying with Tsunekichi, Nana thinks she can easily kill him by pressing a pressure point in his back, but isn't able to. Instead, Nana hurts Tsunekichi's back making him feel annoyed and denote that the photo where he was about to die in around 10 PM is absolute. Contrary to that, Nana hopes to change that by killing him sooner. Right when Nana tries to leave, Tsunekichi reminds her that he's blackmailing her to be his girlfriend and that she better live up to her side of the bargain. Claiming she understands, Tsunekichi falls asleep in front of Nana with his left hand on his camera. Nana then tries out the camera and through her deductions learns how his Talent is utilized with his camera. Taking the camera to the P.E. shed, Nana plots on how she'll kill Tsunekichi.

The next day, Tsunekichi awakens as sees Nana sitting by his bed side. Curious to know, Nana inquires if a photo that was taken never came true, but Tsunekichi refuses to answer. Noting that the moon in the picture signals that the murder plot will take place that night, Tsunekichi orders his "girlfriend" to clean his room. As Nana cleans Tsunekichi's room and plots his demise, Tsunekichi details to Nana about his "Five Premonitions". They are really the amount of photos he can take in a single day, and he details that he could only take four that day and finds out that Nana had the fifth one. In the photo, Nana was seemingly strangled to death in the P.E. shed at night. In light of this, Tsunekichi strikes a deal with Nana; he'll be in a P.E. Shed that night and if nothing happens, he'll trust her. Nana agrees to this and as Tsunekichi goes to take a shower she plans to overcome her fate and kill Tsunekichi. Upon Tsunekichi's return, Nana requests that she go and take a bath, and Tsunekichi agrees to it. Before she leaves, Tsunekichi reinforces the fact that if she betrays him he'll disseminate the incriminating photos of her.

That night at the P.E. Room, Tsunekichi at first is able to overpower Nana, but she gains the upper hand on him with a poisoned needle in her possession. Nana then reveals how she lured Tsunekichi into a trap with a selfie she took with his camera. Although Tsunekichi is now dead, she has one last hurdle to over come, involving Michiru and Kyouya discovering Nana with Tsunekichi's dead body. Right when Kyouya asks why Nana was there with Tsunekichi, she tries to feign ignorance. Kyouka then notes that he and Michiro asked around and learned that Nana was Tsunekichi's new girl friend. Although everyone that Tsunekichi told about this didn't believe him. They also searched Tsunekichi's room and found a picture of Nana being strangled to death in the P.E. Shed. Nana then inquires if there were any other photos they found in the room and it was only of one with some soba on her head. Intrigued by Nana's question, Kyouka inquires if Nana was fishing for information to see if they found an incriminating photo of her. Using this to her favor, Nana details that Tsunekichi was blackmailing her and describes what he made her do.

Afterward, in Tsunekichi's room, Nana finds the photos that Kyouka didn't find and puts it her her bag that she had on her person. Kyouka then confronts Nana there and after a bit of a conversation between the two, he asks her for more information pertaining to the photo where she's supposedly dead in. Kyouka elaborates on his deductions, which in his own words is to eliminates all of his "suspicions". Back in her room, Nana learns that she's missing a picture in her possession and realizes that she left it on Tsunekichi's body. Michiru who was still trying to heal Tsunekichi, finds the photo where it shows her killing Nanao. It's then Nana appears in front of Michiru who has the picture in her hand.