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Necromancer (ネクロマンサー, Nekuromansā) is the sixth episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the tenth, 11st, and the first half of the 12nd (Volume 2, Chapters 10-11. Volume 3, Chapter 12) chapters of the manga.



Nana plots to kill Michiru, but decides to do it at a later time when Michiru asks her what the photo her her and is about while giving it to her. Playing ignorant about the contents of the photo, Nana details that Tsunekichi's Talent wasn't always accurate. She claims that his power with that Talent must of diminished over time since he entered the island and Michiru believes it recalling how aloof he was about his studies. This leads to Michiru promising Nana to keep the photo a secret from everyone.

Eventually a funeral is held for Tsunekichi and during it Kyouya questions the Homeroom Teacher why hasn't the police been contacted about this. To that, the Homeroom Teacher claims that it's impossible for the police to intervene due to the island being cut off form the mainland. In attendance there, Michiru tries to reason with Michiru to be more mindful with her Talent as it shaves her life away when she uses it. However, Michiru doesn't mind, she also confirms that Talented can "Evolve" their powers, which was confirmed by the Committee that hired Nana.

It's then that Kyouya points out the flaws surrounding Tsunekichi's death and just as he goes to examine Tsunekichi's body, Nana stops him and asks to talk with him outside. During the discussion, the two try and outwit each other in the other's testimony and soon, Kyokya tries to examine Tsunekichi's body, which met with apprehension by Nana who tries to get her fellow students to stop him. Seiya and Moguo voice their disapproval of Kyouka, but it's a boy named Shinji who stops Kyouka with his Necromancer Talent. Shinji resurrects Tsunekichi with his Talent freaking out everyone, but his friend, Yuuka stands up for him, but he brushes her off. Nana tries to use the scene to her favor claiming that Tsunekichi is suffering because of Shinji's talent. Hence, Shinji returns Tsunekichi's corpse back into his coffin.

The next day in class, Seiya tries to ask Yuuka if she's free the next day, but she gets apoplectic towards him noting he already has a girlfriend. It's then that, Nana approaches Yuuka and inquires where Shinji maybe, but she has no clue as to where he'd be. She does, however, go on a bit of a tirade of her relationship with him. Stalking the two at night, Nana plans to kill them as a pair, but is confronted by Kyouya before she's able too. They then approach Yuuka and Shinji whom discloses more details about his Necromancer ability. With Shinji out of the picture, Yuuka elaborates her relationship with Shinji like how they first met and how he saved her once from a fire at a movie theater. It's Yuuka's goal to make people think Shinji isn't a bad person like the typical wrap Necromancers get.

At school the following day, Nana is notably tired as she walks down the hallway with Michiru, so she rests in the infirmary. Alone, Nana true intention to be in the infirmary was to infiltrate the boy's dorm and during P.E. Kyouya approaches Michiru and asks her where Nana is. She answers that Nana is resting in the infirmary, so Kyouya and Michiru visit her only to find her not on her bed, but outside begging them for their help and to get Yuuka as well. Lead to where a open sewage pipe was, the stray cat that Kyouya feeds was trapped below. Hoping that Yuuka could use her super strength to pry open the grates, she declines that she could. Using some cat food from his room, Kyouya manages to lure it out and when pressed about why Yuuka couldn't use her powers to retrieve the cat she details that her allergies from cats negates her powers.

That night, Nana tries to carry out her assassination of Yuuka, however, she fails to do so as Shinji stops her. It's then revealed that Yuuka is the true necromancer and the backstory of how Yuuka learned for her Talent after Shinji daringly rescued her. Furthermore, Yuuka deduces that Nana was the one responsible for the deaths of the missing students. To which, Nana confirms, but states that at least she at least lets the dead rest in peace.