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Necromancer Part 2 (ネクロマンサー PART2, Nekuromansā Pāto Tsū) is the seventh episode of the anime Munou na Nana. It adapts the second half of the 12nd chapter, as well as possibly the 13rd and 14th (Volume 3, Chapters 12-14) chapters of the manga.


Nana faces off against her toughest opponent yet, Yuuka the Necromancer. Even with Nana's razor sharp wit, Yuuka is an absolute tough challenge to overcome with Yuuka's horde of zombies at her disposal. Only figuring out the mechanics to Yuuka's Talent, will Nana be able to overcome her nemesis.


Continuing from the last episode, Yuuka is unfazed by Nana's comment and both try and blackmail one another but Nana has more leverage. Therefore, Nana proposes she'll keep their secret and not kill them. As an added bonus, Nana would also inform Yuuka what Shinji has been trying to inform her with her Talent. With Yuuka awe-stricken by this last proposal, this was really a ploy by Nana so she could escape. Falling for it, Nana is released and the message she gives from Shinji is, "Kill Nana" and escapes.

So, after consulting with Shinji, Yuuka and him go after Nana, but she manages to out run them. Far away from her pursuers, Nana contemplates how to proceed. Eventually, both Yuuka and Shinji manage to catch up to Nana who hides in the bushes and calls Yuuka for wearing Tsunekichi's necklace. Unfazed again by Nana's perception Shinji and her search for Nana in the bushes and Yuuka is nearly apprehended by Nana, but she's stopped by Shinji. While trying to outrun her pursuers, Nana is ambushed by a bunch of reanimated corpses which were a mix of Talented students and teacher. Yuuka feeling confident that she has the upper hand, proposes a game of tag with Nana. Trying to escape her new pursuers, Nana contemplates the details to her new situation and finds an old cottage. There she sets up a trap involving her barricading herself in said cottage until sunrise. She manages to succeed in doing this and proved her theory that Yuuka can only use her necropowers during the night. Believing she won, Yuuka leaves to her self-confinement and comments how she'll go and take a bath.

That night, Yuuka, Shinji, and a bunch of zombies surround the cottage, however, when they inspect inside the cottage they find that Nana has escaped. Despite searching the entire night with a horde of zombies, her efforts give no results. Right as Yuuka was about to enter the girl's dorm, Nana ambushes her and steals the catalyst from what needed for her to use her abilities, a "relic" from the deceased. By the cliff side, Nana holds Shinji's relic above the cliff side intending to drop it if Yuuka made any sudden movements. She then discloses how she out wit her back in the cottage and supposedly drops the relic off the cliff side. Distraught, Yuuka begs for mercy from Nana, but she gives none as she elaborates her deduction on how Shinji really died. After Yuuka's confession of her killing Shinji, Nana kills her with a poison needle she pricks on the back of Yuuka's neck.

Yuuka now dead, Nana reads the deceased target's information on her phone where it states her kill potential was 500,000+. Questioning if her analysis was off, would she had spared him? But Nana rejects that notion and then drops the relic off the cliff side, into the ocean below.