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Talented vs. Talentless Part 3 (能力者VS.無能力者 PART3, Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha Pāto Surī) is the 8th episode to the Munou na Nana (Anime).


Right after Nana disposes of Yuuka and her corpse, she deals with the gyaru students Kirara and Kaori in an attempt to throw the ever officious Kyouya off her trail.


Disposing Yuuka's corpse, Nana walks through the forest and contemplates how she'll proceed now that there's a bunch of corpses out in the open of the forest. She then runs into Kirara who catches a snake, but releases it after Nana sneaks up on her. When Nana inquires Kirara as to why she was catching the snake, she details it so she can "function". To Nana's deduction, it's so she can use her "Poison" Talent. Curious as to know where Kirara's partner in crime Kaori who can teleport was. Kirara answers that they're not friends with each other any more due to a dispute involving a pair of contacts. Using this to her advantage, Nana restrains Kirara to the ground and demands to know the password to her phone and sequentially kills Kirara. She then heads to Kaori's room and lases her contacts with poison to make it seem like Kirara did it because of their dispute over Kaori's contacts. This would help, Nana get Kyouya's suspicion off of her for the time being.

Afterward, Kyouya does confront Nana about the missing Yuuka and Shinji. Tearfully, Nana confirms that Yuuka is dead because of her and leads Kyouya, Michiru, Seiya, and Moguo to the scene of the site. On their way there, Nana confesses that Yuuka was the real Necromancer and she killed Shinji to control his body. At the scene of the site, Nana elaborated on what had happened and requests that Moguo incinerate Shinji's dead body as he "cries in agony for peace". Surprisingly, Kyouya has no qualms against this, but notes that he'll watch Nana's moves from there on out. Nana then leads the group to the places where the other corpses were scattered around the forest and they too are incinerated.

At the girls dorm, Nana claims to hear voices of the Enemy of Humanity coming from there. Upon their investigation of the dorms, the group finds the corpse of Kaori in her room. Not wanting to waste time, Kyouya investigates Kaori's dead body a bit and notices a liquid substance in Kaori's contact container. Kyouya ingests it and figures out its poison, Nana makes note that poison won't work on him, however, it does torture him. In Kyouya's deduction, he states that Kaori died by inserting the poison contacts into her eyes and suspects that Nana is the culprit, which shocks Michiru. With no conclusive evidence that Nana is the culprit, however, they leave Kaori's room and as they walk through the dorm hallway. Nana asks Michiru what Kirara's Talent was and she answers her Talent involved Poison, leading to the conclusion that Kirara is the culprit. Deciding to settle things in the morning with finding Kirara, Kyouya still ponders what Nana's connection between the gyaru students are.

Back in Kaori's room, Kyouya questions Nana over her relationship with the two gyarus and in doing so manages to make Nana slip-up in her confession. Michiru then points out the text messages shared on Kaori's phone and tries to speak in defense for Nana, Kyouya remains obstinate. He openly declares that Nana is the killer as Seiya, Moguo, and his henchmen appear at the scene. From there Kyouya elaborates his deductions on the murder case, to which, internally infuriates Nana. In the end a brief debate between Kyouya and Nana occurs on the plausibility that she's the killer. However, due to the evidence linking her to the murders that being Kaori's cell phone, any argument Nana tried to raise, especially with her "Mind Reading" Talent was refuted. As a way to prove his accusation, Kyouya starts to search Nana much to her dismay.