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Fuuko Sorano (空野 フウコ, Sorano Fūko) is a character in Talentless Nana. Her boyfriend is Ryuuji.


Fuuko has long black/green hair tied back in a ponytail. She has a pink clip on her hair. Her eyes are usually closed, but they are light grey.


Fuuko is a very reserved and gentle girl. She speaks in a polite, formal manner. She cares deeply for her boyfriend and is also one of the first people to befriend Kyouya (which he takes great pride in).


Fuuko is able to manipulate the air in the atmosphere. She can create air blades, and also lift people into the air. She has trouble controlling it in small spaces and prefers to do it outside, so she doesn't make a mess.


Fuuko and Ryuuji were childhood friends and had been dating for some time. While Fuuko was out on her daily jog, she witnessed Ryuuji being stabbed by Tsurumigawa (although not actually knowing at first it was Tsurumigawa, she was told by Ryuuji it was his friend). In an act of mercy, she slit Ryuuji's throat. This has caused her an immense amount of guilt, and she is shown multiple times crying over the incident. Since then, she has been friends with Kyouya.

Episode appearances


  1. Kyouya told her his talent's drawback in Chapter 39.