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Hikaru Daichi (大地 ヒカル, Daichi Hikaru) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Hikaru has short-cut brown hair, much like Moguo's. He has a gentle face and typically wears robes, as he was raised in a monastery.


Hikaru appears to be a gracious and humble person. He secretly has a perverse side that enjoys abusing his power to make people float into the sky, claiming that it is very "moving" to him.


Hikaru can control gravity. However, this is limited to when the moon is out. He is able to move the tides back, make objects float, and even make people float.


Hikaru spends most of his time living in the forest, stating that he doesn't have great control over his powers and doesn't want to bother anyone. Moguo's Henchmen compare Hikaru to a monk, though Hikaru actually confirms that he is a monk and was raised at a temple. In his past, Hikaru found a dead girl at the temple he stayed at. Though she fell out of a tree, he feared that he would be blamed for killing her, so he disposed of her body by sending her up into the sky. He guiltily admits that he enjoyed the sight of seeing her float into the air, and that it moved him. He then attempts to send Nana to the same fate, but she uses her wits to escape him.


Chapter 48 :

1. "It's Nana's fault. She awakened the demon inside of me." - To a little girl he was about to kill out of anger because she looked like Nana [1][2].