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Hitomi (細川 ヒトミ, Hosokawa Hitomi) was Michiru's friend who has since passed before she came to the island.


Hitomi had short blonde hair and wore a beanie over it. In truth, she lost her hair to chemotherapy, so she had to wear a wig.


Hitomi was very bold, rambunctious, and had a reputation of being scary. She was very protective over Michiru and kept bullies away from her.


Hitomi became friends with Michiru after she saw her heal a hurt dog. She thought Michiru's ability was amazing, and encouraged her to use it more. With this encouragement, Michiru began helping people with external injuries at the doctor's office. When she used her talent too much, she had to be taken to the hospital. It was there that she ran into Hitomi again, and found out that she was a cancer patient. Hitomi eventually passed, and Michiru became determined to help save people.

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  1. "They say eating junk food will make you die young, right? It's the same thing. I know it's true, but I'll be fine if I'm only a little careless, you know?"
    - To Michiru in the hospital