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Jin Tachibana (橘 ジン, Tachibana Jin) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Jin has indigo colored hair that is parted to the right side, olive eyes that has cat-like pupils and he wears rectangle-shaped glasses.

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This is not their true appearance or name. Jin Tachibana is a former schoolmate of their's. Their true appearance, and gender for that matter, has yet to be revealed.


Jin is a very cunning individual whose perceptiveness rivals Kyouya's. In terms of wit, he and Nana are on the same level, while they are frequently butt heads. He is not one to wear his true feelings on his sleeve. Also, Jin is very mysterious, though he is willing to exchange information if it benefits him.


Jin is able to shapeshift into anything, as he is shown taking the form of a cat, bird, and butterfly. He can also shapeshift into other people and copy their powers, though this is limited to only Talented individuals, as he was not able to shapeshift into Tsuruoka. In addition, the person who he shapeshifts into must be alive, as he was not able to turn into any of the students that Nana killed when he could've benefited by using their powers. Jin is unable to transform while other people are looking directly at him. To work around this, he distracts others, tricking them to look away so he can use his talent. His copy of talents is not perfect either. When it comes to copying a talent, he cannot control it perfectly, so he can get out of control like what happened when he transformed into Moguo to chase Nana.

After his talent grew, he was able to transform into Nakajima, even though he couldn't before due to Nakajima's talent. The consequences of this grow are unknown.


Jin has been on the island for upwards of 5 years. He was one of the original Talented from the last group of students. This group of Talented started internal conflict and ended up killing each other, though Jin was able to disguise himself as an animal and hide away. He attempted to return home and live a normal life, but found that the government had declared that he had "heroically died fighting the enemies of humanity." After attempts were made at his life, Jin realized he would not be safe on the mainland, and returned to the island, where he has been living since this incident.

Episode Appearances


Chapter 19 :

  1. "You can't deter enemy nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons of your own." - To Nana
  2. "But for my dear underclassmen I'll kill one murderous girl before I leave." - To Nana
  3. "Earlier I said it was difficult to establish a power balance in a conflict between talented individuals, but there is an exception. I am this exception." - To Nana
  4. "As many as there are talented. Every possible kind of talent. If all I could do was transform... I couldn't have survived such a bloody war of psychics." - Explaining to Nana how he survived during the war at the Island 5 years ago