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Kaori Takanashi (高梨 カオリ, Takanashi Kaori) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Kaori has shoulder length black hair and blue eyes, though this is due to colored contacts. She wears the standard school uniform, and has painted nails.


Kaori, like her friend Habu, is a gyaru. She and Habu tease Michiru together.


Kaori is able to teleport. This is limited to relatively small distances, as the greatest she can teleport is across the island.


Kaori is a classmate of Nana, and was ultimately another one of her victims. When Kaori attempted to put in her colored contacts, she swiftly met her fate, as the contact solution had been poisoned by Nana earlier. She attempted to claw them out, leaving scratch marks around her eyes, but it was too late.


Kirara Habu

Kaori and Kirara are best friends, frequently seen hanging out together. They are both gyarus. The both bully Mirichu together.