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Kirara Habu (羽生 キララ, Habu Kirara) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Kirara has long dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears the typical school uniform, and has her nails painted.


Kirara is a gyaru, as referred to by Kyouya. She is malicious, as she and Kaori team up to bully Michiru.


Kirara can poison others by biting them. She must "refill" her poison by eating poisonous animals.


Kirara had a dispute with Kaori because she accused her of stealing her contact lenses. At that time, Nana found her and saw the text conversation on her phone. Nana then proceeded to threaten Kirara with poison to tell her the code of her phone. After giving it, instead of being spared, Kirara was killed by Nana. Kirara's body was then used by Nana to press on the send button on the phone at the right time so that she could feign not being the initiator of the message by being with Kyouya when the message was sent.


Kaori Takanashi

Kaori and Kirara are often together and were friends until they both died, where Nana used their dispute to blame the poison of the contact lenses on Kirara. They are often pictured together as bullies, said to bully Michiru a lot.