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Michiru Inukai (犬飼 ミチル, Inukai Michiru) is one of the main characters of Talentless Nana. She is the conflicting element causing Nana to question herself on her motives and her "mission." Generally, she is bubbly and kind hearted. Several characters refer to her as "Nana's dog" due to how she gets controlled by Nana during the story, and the fact the character "犬" (inu) in her last name means "dog."


Michiru has short curly platinum blonde hair and amber colored-eyes. She wears the standard school uniform with a beige sweater over it. She’s short and has a gentle, optimistic face.


Michiru is a compassionate and selfless girl. She always puts safety and well being of others above herself. Even though healing others results in reducing her lifespan, she does it without hesitation. She is also very naive, and takes things at face value. This makes her an easy target for bullying.

Her selflessness can be attributed to the fact that she lost her best friend, Hitomi, and was inspired to try and heal others to compensate for the grief she felt.


Michiru has a healing ability. Although unlike normal healing, she is giving up her lifespan to heal another. Often times after she heals a major injury, she feels lightheaded and sick. Her healing only works on physical injuries.

Although she says she can only heal injures she can reach and lick, she's shown being able to use her power by only needing to touch the injured person. This, however, is only in the case of attempting to resurrect them.

She can perform resurrection, though it drained out her life after doing it on Nana.


Michiru is a kind girl in the main class. She is often reserved and soft-spoken, and easily gets teased by the other girls. Despite this, she still cares for them. Nana views her as naive and air-headed, which has some merit, as Michiru never doubts Nana or suspects her of being a murderer.


Michiru was a victim of bullying in her old school after she healed someone's leg injury. Her classmates started calling her "gross" and "arrogant" because she had a talent, to the point of making Michiru wish she didn't have one. One day, she healed a dog and met Hosokawa Hitomi. Michiru tried to run because Hitomi had a reputation of being scary, but she congratulated her for saving the dog, saying that she had "an amazing talent that could save all kind of people" and the two girls quickly became friends. Hitomi didn't attend classes regularly, but decided to do it for Michiru. She protected Michiru from bullying and told her to be more confident in her abilities. She asked Michiru if she can heal illness because her mom was sick, but sadly Michiru couldn't do that. One day, Hitomi suddenly stopped coming to school. Michiru used her talent in her parents hospital to heal patients with physical wounds but collapsed from overworking herself, realizing that was the downside of her power. It was there at the hospital that she ran into Hitomi again, and found out that she was a cancer patient. That was the reason she did not come to school, she only went to protect Michiru from her classmates. This caused Michiru to feel guilty, as her friend should focus on her health. But, Hitomi said, "They say eating junk food will make you die young, right? I know it's true, but I will be fine if I'm only a little careless you know?" Sadly she passed away, and she is the reason that Michiru was determined to save people from then on.


When we met Michiru for the first time, she is with Habu and Kaori. The two gyarus tease Michiru after she got a love letter from a secret admirer. Later, Michiru noticed that Nana had an injury and she healed it without hesitation which surprised Nana. Michiru's talent made Nana believe she could be a good person, but according to Nana's list, she could kill 1.5 million people. Later when she was waiting for her admirer, Nana approached her and called out the two gyarus for bullying Michiru; the letter was a prank, having the secret message "Michiru you are a stupid idiot". This made Michiru sad because she thought they were her friends. Nana asked her to go for lunch and Michiru happily accepted. From then on they are "friends". Later at night, Nana stages an event that she was trying to save Michiru from the enemies of humanity and got attacked. Nana earned sympathy and trust from the others as a victim and Michiru healed her. The next day, Michiru is the one who says to make Nana their leader. She trusts Nana and never suspects her of murder, even with photo evidence or accusations. When she went to meet Tsurumigawa Rentaro on the shore, Nana protected her and almost died, Michiru then sacrifices herself to resurrect Nana losing her life in the process.

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  1. On the official munou na nana website her description reads:
    This can roughly be translated to:
    Nanao and Nana's classmate, she is a petite girl with curly hair who has the power to heal by licking another's wound. She is kind hearted and has a timid personality and because of that she is often a target of harassment for her classmates.
  2. According to the Council, Michiru has a Potential Kill Count of 1.5+ million people. (150+ thousand in the anime)