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Moe Makabe (眞壁モエ, Makabe Moe) is a character in Talentless Nana. She was ordered by Tsuruoka to kill Nana if she ever shows any signs of betrayal to the government.


Moe has short, spiky yellow hair. Her eyes are bright green. She wears the standard uniform.


Moe is very childish, outgoing, and silly. She is easily able to make friends with other classmates. She typically acts before she thinks, and pours her heart into her mission. However, she is also easily swayed, as she went from supporting Tsuruoka to supporting Nana in the blink of an eye. She doesn't seem to have a strong grasp on morals, as she was very enthusiastic about killing people for her mission. This is likely due to the fact that she does things so that she can be considered "useful" to people she admires.


Moe was sent by Tsuruoka to observe Nana and make sure she wasn't a traitor. This backfired, as Moe ended up siding with Nana. Moe cares very deeply for her grandmother, and her grandmother is her prime motivation for her actions (i.e. joining Tsuruoka so that her grandmother can be taken care of).


When her grandmother was hospitalized, and her health worsened, Tsuruoka approached her, reminding her of her duty to Nana. Moe later converses with her grandmother, telling her stories about herself and Nana. Tsuruoka comes in, informing her grandmother that he contacted her family, friends, and coworkers. She thanked him and his visits. After some time, Sachiyo asks Moe to buy her a new vase, to which she happily agrees to. Knowing she will die, she says to Tsuruoka that Moe doubts she will be able to accept her death for a while. Sachiyo's friends and family visit her after her death, while Moe talks to her about her school meals and they should go to the zoo again. She leaves the room to get a drink, only for Tsuruoka to confront her. Saying to her, her original mission. He briefs her that his plans changed, which she has no function now, giving her freedom to leave the military, and can arrange for her to live freely with her grandmother "remains" Moe starts to question herself, however, Tsuruoka mentions on one condition, that regarding Souma's recent case. He mentions that the case is still being investigated, however, they are pinning it on Nana as the murderer which shocks Moe. Annoyed, she shouts at Tsuruoka that Souma is responsible, but he tells her to lower her voice and mention that she saw nothing and heard nothing. Though Moe tells him she wants to be helpful to Nana. He smirks, as he questions her if Nana ever relied on her, as well as Mishima Koharu's death happened only because she annoyed him. He is willing to forgive her, pointing out that the day she was sent to the island her original mission was to eliminate Nana if she ever betrayed them. Moe apologizes, finding it enjoyable being close to Nana. Angered, he accuses her of being a traitor who knows classified information and threatens to kill her if he wishes to. Moe trips over to the ground, scared of Tsuruoka. He informs her that the person who wants her to stop associating with him and Nana is none other than her own grandmother. He further informs her that Souma seems to think he can control her easily. As well as Nana's situation alone in this matter. Tsuruoka says that Moe will simply get dragged into the unnecessary conflict, which goes against the person she cares about. Moe asks Tsuourka if her grandmother ever said that she could keep her mouth shut, but he informs her that she often said, Moe can run if she wants from any pain or suffering. Moe flashes back on everything that happened between her grandmother and Nana and only saying "I understand". A doctor approaches both Moe and Tsuruoka, informs them that Sachiyo is gone. Moe, alone in her house, whom she made breakfast for two (her grandmother). She mentions after eating it she will head to school and says goodbye to everyone. Moe tries calling for her grandmother with no answer, so she searches the house only to find a memorial photo of her grandmother.

Moe later arrives at the school, and everyone notices her presence due to her long absence. Souma says he has been waiting for her, but before anything happens, Kyouya says he will do the questioning since she is an important witness, much to Souma's annoyance. Kyouya starts to question Moe, saying the details about the car accident. A silent Moe listens to Kyouya's investigations, asking her the night when she went home if she saw anything, but Moe claims that she didn't. Souma has his doubts and wonders what's going on since he knows Moe witnessed the incident that night. Seiya and his girlfriend find her that she's not connected to the case. However, Kyouya shouts, that he didn't finish the questioning, and goes with a different approach. He takes a map from his pocket, pointing out which road she took to reach the station. Moe says she didn't take that road and shouts again, repeating that she didn't take that road. Kyouya says that she is lying since at 9:52 the guards recorded her running, leaving the military facility. Kyouya then points at the map at her home in the far-out countryside, furthermore informing her if she wanted to catch the last train, she'd have to take the train department, pointing at the map at a specific location: a station at 10:08. He asks her if she did or not, but Moe, who keeps on shaking, denies all that. Kyouya shows her at the map, if she'd have to reach the station within 15 minutes, she'd have to hurry, and had Sorano take tests of the routes. Kyouya then learned that there are various routes to reach the station in 15 minutes, pointing at the map at a certain location, which he is certain that Moe took that route to reach her home. Moe starts to tremble while still being quiet, Kyouya is being affirmative that it is entirely possible she witnessed the incident, he keeps asking her more and more questions if she saw anything or not, and Kyouya says at this rate Nana will be framed as the culprit. Moe then squeezes her eyes closed, shouting at Kyouya that she's going to quit the school and live with her grandmother. Kyouya is puzzled at what she came back if she's going to quit school, which Moe shouts that she came to pick up her luggage, and say goodbye to everyone, but then Kyouya shows up and suddenly asks her all these questions which makes her head spinning. Kyouya apologizes, and she doesn't know anything, and leave her alone. Moe runs down the corridor, thinking to herself that Tsuruoka scares her, and her own grandmother told her it's okay to run, and she never got mad at her if she behaved badly, and would forgive her. While running Moe just wants to go back to her grandmother and be with her home, but then she suddenly stops running and remembers her grandmother's memorial photo, whom she still can't accept that she's dead, and with a pale face, she holds her chest. Nana shows up behind her, calling out her name. Moe tells Nana that she's never once been useful to her. She looks back at Nana and shouts at her that even in this case she will figure something out herself too. Though Nana tries to calm her by saying "Welcome home", this doesn't work, and Moe starts running, shaking to her room. Nana later knocks on the door, wanting to eat together with her, but to no avail nor an answer. After some time, Nana knocks again, telling her that Moe used to do the same thing to her before, barging into her and that she didn't mind. In Moe's room, the curtains closed, she types a text message in her phone to her grandmother, that she will be coming home soon, and make some food for her while she's waiting for her, and sends the message. She then lies down in her bed.

Moe kept sending emails over and over to her grandmother. She realizes that her grandmother is really dead, but still tells herself that her grandmother didn't die. Moe then decides to go back home, believing that her grandmother has prepared delicious meatballs. When Moe left the room, she found a dish made by Nana. At that moment, Moe remembers Nana's gentle smile, but soon remembers Tsuruoka's threats. Moe then mumbles that it was Nana who betrayed her and did nothing for her, unlike Tsuruoka who came to visit her grandmother who did everything for her. Yet Nana only left a dish for her, shouting in anger. Moe hears a sound and Souma arrives behind her and applauding and smiling. Souma says that she doesn't understand well, when choosing friends, the most important thing to consider is what can they do for you. Souma then kicks the dish that Nana made. He pushes Moe against the wall and asks her to be his friend. Moe tells him to move and tries to push him away. Souma then slaps her, Moe glares at him, she quickly crouches behind him, Moe then puts a string around his neck, putting a lot of effort into it, she then puts the cord around his neck, putting strength into it. However, at that moment, Nana's words flashback into her mind, that Moe talks about killing as if it's nothing, but later she might realize that she did something irreversible. Due to this Moe who was afraid to kill Souma began to tremble. Souma then punches Moe in the jaw, he then chokes Moe as she falls to the ground. Souma then threatens her to become his friend. As she suffers, unable to breathe, an image of her grandmother on the verge of death comes to mind. As she is faced with death in the face, Moe is filled with fear, as she almost losses consciousness, but then Souma lets go of her neck. Souma grabs her by the hair, saying that she has a much better expression than before. He let go of her hair, telling her that he heard the news about her grandmother and if she would understand a little of her pain now. Now, saying that they are friends, there is a price to pay for safety. He wants her to lie and say that she saw Nana kill Saijo but couldn't tell him because they are friends. She is confused, as she has to lie for that. However, Souma intimidates her and threatens her further, as she doesn't deserve kindness. He tells her that Tsuruoka told him to make sure that she never betrayed him again and that if she did what he asked, he would take care of her living expenses. Souma asks her to pick a side of Nana who ran off or the military who can give her a secure future, saying that even a monkey like her knows whom to side with. Moe finally gives in to his demands and asks what does she have to do. Souma smirks and wants to know Nana's cell phone number. Later, Nana receives a call from Moe, and the caller wants her to come to the crime scene.

Moe later is seen at the crime scene where Saijo has been killed. Nana watches her behind a tree and suspects that she is being used as bait by Souma. Nana tries to talk to Moe who's face is lifeless, and she had dark circles under her eyes. She turned around, and she mumbled, "Shenpai..." and smiled faintly. Nana wonders if this is the expression she had when Michiru saved her. Nana wants to say something to her, but she doesn't know what to say, having lied to many people. Just then Nana hears rustling behind her, and turns around, Moe then pushes her from the ground and holds her down. Saying that this is all Nana's fault, who betrayed her and Tsuruoka in the first place. Moe says to Nana that she killed so many people by now, finding it unfair, she asks her why did she stop her from killing Koharu. Nana still stays silent, then Moe shouts what does it mean to die, and why isn't she isn't angry. Nana apologizes, saying that she has given it a lot of thought, but the more she thinks about it, the more it reminded her of the past. Nana bursts into tears, she remembers when she thought that Michiru stayed by her side until morning because of her killings without saying a word. Nana understands and could feel Moe's pain and suffering. Stunned by this, Moe leaves Nana's side, and remembers her grandmother. Souma appears behind them. She shouts for Moe to run for it, but Souma kicks Nana in the stomach, knocking her out. Souma tells Moe to do one more job for her, and hands her a phone. She does as he wants him to do and connects to a video call with her classmates on the phone. First Souma says that he heard a new testimony from Moe, as they came to the crime scene. Nana suddenly came out and attacked them, and he knocked her out in self-defense. Souma then urges Moe to talk to them, and promises that he won't bother her anymore if she does it right. However, Moe decides to tell the truth and admits that Souma was lying. Moe does say that it is true that she did take a shortcut that day, just like Kyouya said, and as she was running, she suddenly heard a loud noise behind her, and when she turned around, she saw a car hit a pillar. That's when she saw Daisuke clapping his hands in joy on the side of the car after killing Saijo. Moe says that Souma is the murderer. Souma is furious at what she said.

Souma then grabs Moe by the shirt, asking her if she is taking Nana's side now, as there is no point in doing so since she can do nothing for her. She agrees with Souma on that and replies that they both suffered together. Moe tells Souma that she finally understands, and a truly kind person would not tell her what to do or how to do it or how to help him like Tsuruoka and Daisuke would when they're in trouble. Moe just doesn't want to betray others who showed her love and cared for her. Souma then asks her, that this means that he's defying him and Tsuruoka. Moe couldn't say anything. Souma then smiled fearlessly. He told her about her grandmother, that she said that it is okay if she is suffering or in pain, as she can always run away. Moe cries upon hearing that, Souma laughs and says that she should listen to her parents. Souma once again convinces her to give a fake testimony in front of everyone else calmly. However, Moe punches Souma in the stomach, screaming that her grandmother was dead. Angered that Souma imitated her grandmother, she lashed out at him. However, Souma turns her around and beats her to a pulp. Before Souma could finish Nana before her classmates arrived. Moe clings to Souma's body, as she still hasn't apologized to her. Moe then screams that this time she will be her friend. However, Souma tortures Moe mercilessly, and she finally collapses into an unconscious state. Meanwhile, from far away, she hears the screams of her classmates who helped her. However, thanks to Moe's speech on the phone, in which she revealed Souma's true nature, Souma is too tired and impatient to think straight. He is so angry at Moe that he tries to stomp on her stomach.

After being hospitalized, Moe has a dream about her grandmother, as her younger self having a happy conversation with her grandmother. After finally realising that her grandmother is truly dead, apologising for being selfish, and her mistakes. Wishing she could've done more for her, all the while crying. Her grandmother hugs her, Responding that it's fine as long as she is healthy, and wake up as her friends are waiting for her. Moe finds her grandmother is too soft on her. Smiling now that she loves her. After waking up she finds Nana by her side, questioning as to why did she rescue her. While Nana wonders to, asking herself why she did so, knowing it is a trap at that time. Nana says to Moe that she can't bear to see anyone get hurt because of her anymore. Moe is then shocked by the news that Nana took down Souma. Though she informs her it is partly because of Moe when she told everyone Souma's true nature. Moe then becomes embarrassed when Nana mentions that she protected her from Souma as well, and the fact that they are friends.


During her early childhood, Moe lived with an abusive family. At some point, while she was still relatively young, she was taken with social workers to live with her adoptive grandmother, Sachiyo Makabe. In the past, Moe described herself as "a cunning liar" and states that other people, specifically adults, should decide everything for her. With her grandmother's help, Moe can grow into the person she is now.


  1. She refers to Nana as "Shenpai", which is a silly way of saying "Senpai".
  2. She still has never killed anyone yet, despite working for Tsuruoka.


Chapter 34 :

  • "It is possible you don't want to do the mission anymore." - To Nana
  • "I'd like to see you do something cool sooner rather than later." - To Nana, wanting her to kill