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Moguo (飯島 モグオ, Iijima Moguo) is a classmate of Nana. He makes frequent appearances.


Moguo has a shaven head and beady eyes. He is large and strong, and most often seen wearing shirts with fire on them.


Moguo is very outgoing and brash. He has a tendency to curse and use foul language. Overall, he comes off as a delinquent, and is quick to resort to violence. One could say he has a fiery personality.


He has the ability to control fire. Moguo can create flames and control them to a certain extent, though at times he accidentally goes overboard.


Moguo was brought to the island after one of his followers started a fire at school. Moguo took the blame to protect them from punishment. Nowadays on the island, he has several followers who serve as his lackeys. As well, he conflicts with Seiya a lot, as a nod to their fire and ice dynamic.

Episode Appearances