Munou na Nana Wiki

These are the basic rules for the community of Munou na Nana Wiki. These rules are meant to be used as guidelines for users to follow and a reference for community staff when making a judgement. These rules are to be adhered to when engaging with other members of the community.

Basic Rules

  1. Do not break Fandom's Terms of Use
  2. Be respectful of other members of the community
  3. Always edit in good faith. Edits not made in good faith will be reverted with no warning.
  4. Mass deleting content, spam, and vandalism will result in a 1 week block, followed by more serious consequences if the behavior continues.

Editing Etiquette

  • When making large edits, fill out the <Edit Summary> section.
  • When making small edits, such as a minor sentence or word usage change, check the <Minor Edit> button.
  • Do not revert edits of other users unless they are made in bad faith or mess up page formatting. If you do, please inform an admin of this activity and explain your reasons.