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Nanao Nakajima (中島 ナナオ, Nakajima Nanao) is one of the main characters in the series. He is a shy and kind-hearted boy with a talent that is rarely appreciated. Due to this, he doesn't really get to shine in the spotlight like some of the other talented students.


Nanao has greenish black hair and blue eyes. He wears a navy blue school uniform and a fancy watch.

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In the latter chapters of the manga when he is reintroduced, his hair has grown out to a shoulder-length mullet. His eyes have noticeably lost their sparkle, and he appears much less naive than before.


Nanao is shy and kind-hearted. However, when something bothers him, he is quick to anger (as seen when Nana prodded too far into his home life with his father). As well, due to his family's high expectations for him, he has a bit of an inferiority complex. He believes he cannot rise to the expectations people place upon him and tends to doubt himself.

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After being brainwashed, Nanao is seen as ruthless with a penchant for bloodlust. He seems to proudly describe himself as "truly an enemy of humanity." He now more closely resembles his trainer, Tsuruoka, with him turning into an extremely manipulative and remorseless man. This is quite a large change from his initial appearance.


He can neutralize other powers, as he was able to nullify Muguo's fireball in the first chapter.

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After his ability mutates, he is able to neutralize human body functions too. This can mean neutralizing their bodily functions (breathing, heartbeat, senses, etc.) or to neutralize their moral capacity, turning them into temporary killing machines. He is essentially able to mind-control them into killing.


Nanao grew up in a wealthy home, with a father, mother, and unnamed siblings. Out of all of them, Nanao describes himself as being the least useful. Despite this, his father still had high expectations for him to become a leader and represent their family. Nanao's anxiety from feeling like he could never reach these expectations led him to develop an inferiority complex, and he struggles with doubt. He also has conflicting feelings towards his father, telling Nana that he both fears him and respects him.


Volume 1

He became friends with Nana, the new student. At first he gets angry at her for reading his mind, but later he saves her from one of Moguo's fireballs and they become friends. The class then decides to make him the class leader. He and Nana go to the cliff side where she pretends to have her ability cancelled by holding hands with him. However, Nana suddenly pushes Nanao down the cliff and tells him she plans to kill everyone because the Talented are the true enemies of humanity. Before dying, he was able to take off his watch and leave it by the ocean, leading to Kyouya discovering the watch and suspecting Nana of being the culprit behind the murder.

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Volume 7

Having survived the fall, Nanao was rescued by Tsuruoka however he ends up accidentally killing his father with his newfound talent causing his mental breakdown. Seeing how mentally unstable Nanao became,Tsuruoka took Nanao under his wing and brainwashed him to kill the Talented. He is shown to have been understanding for Nana, even after she attempted to kill him. After his brainwashing however, he becomes incredibly spiteful towards her and even the mere mention of her name incites his bloodlust and anger.

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1. According to the Council, Nanao has a Potential Kill Count of 10+ million people. (1+ million in the anime)

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2. He's the first person to survive a murder attempt from Nana.

3. He's the first talented we've seen evolve his talent.


Chapter 48 :

  1. "When you're in my presence, you're all talentless." - To Hikaru

Chapter 49 :

⠀⠀2. "I intend to end all of you." - To Hikaru who just asked him to form an alliance to kill Nana