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Ryuuji Ishii (石井 リュウジ, Ishii Ryūji) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Ryuuji is a pudgy, brown haired and eyed man. Though, he went on daily jogs in an attempt to lose some weight.


According to Kyouya, Ryuuji was a skilled comedian and quite popular. He valued structure, and tried to go to sleep and wake up at the same times every day. Also he was loyal to his girlfriend as he arranges mixers for his friends but decined to go when they asked him since he already has a girlfriend and he prefers to be with her instead. He was described by Tsurumigawa as straight-laced, smart, funny, and an unbelievably good person.


Ryuuji had the ability to shrink himself. Supposedly, he could make himself so small that he could enter pores.


He was a childhood friend and the boyfriend of Fuuko. One day while Ryuuji was out, he was stabbed by Tsurumigawa. When Fuuko found him, Ryuuji asked to cut his throat so they could find the real culprit and divert suspicion that Fuuko did it.

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