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Sachiyo Makabe (眞壁サチヨ, Makabe Sachiyo) is a character in Talentless Nana. She is the adoptive grandmother of Moe Makabe.


Sachiyo has short hair and often has her eyes closed. She wears lipstick, and her face is wrinkled with age. She has a gentle, kind look to her face.


Sachiyo is a very caring person. Above all, she cares for Moe and wishes for her happiness.


At some point during Moe's childhood, she was taken from her family by social workers and sent to the care of Sachiyo. Sachiyo raised Moe, giving her the love and nurture that she didn't have in her previous family. The two are very close. Due to her old age, Sachiyo now struggles with illness. Her hospital bills are paid for by Tsuruoka, thus indebting Moe to him.

Spoilers here!
She ends up dying of her illness in Chapter 60, surrounded by a lot of relatives at the hospital. Her last wish was to get Moe to a normal school to live a normal life and not suffer anymore.