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Seiya Kori (郡 セイヤ, Kori Seiya) is a character in Talentless Nana. He is a classmate of Nana Hiiragi who makes frequent appearances.


Seiya has long silver blue hair and icy blue eyes. In a flashback, his hair was shown to be in a ponytail.


Seiya acts like stereotypical prince of high school where he is charming, flamboyant and prideful of his abilities. Despite his love of attention, he is still a kind and friendly person who can help others.


Seiya is a classmate of Nana Hiiragi and one of the main reoccurring side characters. It is later revealed that his sister died in a car crash and Seiya carries a large amount of guilt. He wishes that he could have been there to use his ability to stop the car from crashing and save his sister. As a result, his cockiness may stem from the fact that deep down he feels inadequate.


Seiya has the ability to manipulate ice where he can freeze any object, although this is limited to inorganic things as he cannot freeze living beings. His ability to freeze things seemingly has no bounds as he was able to thoroughly freeze an entire lake.