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Shinji Kazama (風間 シンジ, Kazama Shinji) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Shinji has dark black hair and dark teal colored eyes. Under his uniform he has burn marks.


Shinji typically keeps to himself, staying inside his room and sleeping. He rarely makes appearances in class. He likes to show off his power whenever possible. According to Yuuka, during middle school Shinji was quick to anger, and heroic.


He's a necromancer and can raise the dead, as shown when he raised Tsunekichi Hatadaira's corpse from his coffin.

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However, it is later revealed that the one possessing the Necromancer abilities was actually Yuuka. Shinji's true talent is super strength.


Shinji is a classmate of Nana, although he never attends classes. He is dating Yuuka and is frequently seen with her.


Yuuka Sasaki

Shinji is Yuuka's boyfriend, though he stubbornly denies this out of what appears to be embarrassment.

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In truth, he did not consent to dating her. After she killed him, she manipulated his corpse into becoming her boyfriend.


Before coming to the island, Shinji was a classmate of Yuuka. According to Yuuka, they grew up in the same town, were neighbors and even went to the same school. When he got a 98/100 score in a test, he got angry because it wasn't a perfect score. Five years ago they went to a theatre together where Shinji got his burn marks when the building got caught in fire. At some point he and Yuuka started dating.

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Yuuka had strong romantic feelings for him, but Shinji did not return them. In fact, he was going out with another girl, and Yuuka was stalking him. Overwhelmed with jealousy, Yuuka lit the movie theatre on fire where Shinji and his girlfriend were on a date. Shinji did not make it out alive. Thus, Yuuka used her necromancy to take control of his corpse and make him her boyfriend.


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  1. According to the Council, Shinji's Potential Kill Count both in the manga and the anime is 300+ thousand people.
  2. He´s one of the deceased talented who weren´t murdered by Nana, in his case, because he was accidentally murdered by Yuuka before arriving to the island.