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How to Use

To use this template, use the episode's designated abbreviation followed by the subject's appearance status in said episode.


Abbreviations used in the template are simply the episode number of the episode in its respective season.


  • yes = Appears (Character appears in the episode. Must have a speaking role or have a significant non-speaking role and physically appear.)
  • debut = Debut (To mark a character's full debut in physical form.;)
  • m = Mentioned (Character is mentioned directly or indirectly by another character, but doesn't appear.)
  • flash = Flashback (Character appears in a flashback. May or may not have a speaking role.)
  • bg = Background (Character appears in the background. Such as in a crowd. Can be talked in unison or murmur among other characters or doesn't speak, not a big significant non-speaking role.)
  • i = Imagined (Character is imagined in some sort of way, like a drawing or dream. May or may not have a speaking role.)
  • corpse = corpse (only corpse. not have a speaking role.)
  • p = Pictured (Character appears in a picture form. Such as a poster, POW Card, etc. May or may not have a speaking role.)
  • death = death (Character dies in this episode .May or may not have a speaking role.)
  • voice = voice only

Absent is set to default so if a character doesn't appear, the option is automatically added. If no status and/or episode is state, then it will default to "Unknown". If you would like an option added then please contact an admin or bureaucrat.



Based on D SanCd's episode appearance template.

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