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Tsunekichi Hatadaira (葉多平 ツネキチ, Hatadaira Tsunekichi) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Tsunekichi has unkempt blonde hair. His hair is naturally dark brown, as you can see the roots growing in, and in a flashback he is shown to have dark brown hair. As well, his uniform is untidy, and he doesn't have his shirt tucked in, giving him the appearance of someone who is lazy.


Tsunekichi is flirtatious and laid-back. While he admits he used to be a "goody two shoes," he became nihilistic and apathetic when he realized that the future cannot be changed. He developed his current attitude to accept things as they are and just go with the flow. He has a perverted side, as he attempts to undress Nana against her will.


Tsunekichi is able to see the future and can take pictures of what's to come in the future. He takes 5 pictures every night while he sleeps. Everything that happens in these pictures is absolute.


Tsunekichi produced a picture in which Nana killed him, which he subsequently questioned her about. He and Nana shortly team up, and she proceeds to kill him in the shed.


Episode Appearances


  1. According to the Council, Tsunekichi's Potential Kill Count is 500+ thousand people.