Munou na Nana Wiki
Yo! I'm Naito, an Admin/Bureaucrat of the Munou na Nana wiki. I'm very active. I like to help this wiki to grow. I can help with reading/coding/getting the chapters in raw quickly. I'm very active. I'm tryna progress in japanese, I think my level is N3. I'm very open to discuss/answer questions. I watch plenty of animes.

Info about me

Info ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────⚪──────────
Name Naito
Japanese ナイト
Hiragana ないと
Title 🪑Bureaucrat, Administrator🪑
Talent Improving wikis
Gender Male
Wiki Debut May 23, 2021
Hobbies Youtube, watching animes, reading mangas, Netflix, Twitch, Reddit, NBA, Drawing

My fav characters

# My fav characters
1 Koharu
2 Tsuruoka
3 Evolved Nanao
4 Michiru
5 Kyouya