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Yuuka Sasaki (佐々木 ユウカ, Sasaki Yūka) is a character in Talentless Nana.


Yuuka has gold blonde hair tied back and gold colored eyes. She is also frequently seen wearing a necklace.


Yuuka is very outgoing and friendly. She's a hopeless romantic and loves her boyfriend, Shinji. She is always watching out for him. Michiru describes her as a nice, cheerful person.

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In actuality, Yuuka is very perverse, jealous, and obsessive. She goes as far as setting fire to the theater where Shinji was having a date with another girl to kill him and take control of his body. This action would sequentially force Shinji to be Yuuka's new boyfriend.


Yuuka's talent is super strength. She jokingly told to Michiru that she could open a hole to her heart with just the touch of a finger.

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This turns out to be a lie. Her true talent is necromancy. She can control corpses, as long as she has a belonging from them.



Volume 2

She and Shinji grew up in the same town, lived next to each other and even went to the same school. They've been friends since childhood, and went on a date to the theater 5 years prior to their arrival in the island, where Shinji got burn marks when the building caught on fire and he started to help everyone get out. Worried he could be in danger inside, Yuuka used her talent for the first time, tackled the emergency exit open and saved a passed-out Shinji from asphyxia.

When Nana found a trapped cat, Yuuka was asked to help it get out with her super strength. However, she apologized and later revealed she's both allergic to cats and she can't use her power near them.

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That night, Yuuka is attacked by Nana but she fends her off using the dead body of Shinji, revealing her true talent as the actual Necromancer.

Volume 3

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After being tricked by Nana saying she could tell Yuuka what Shinji thinks of her, Nana escapes and they both start searching the woods for her. From the shadows, Nana chats with Yuuka about the pretty necklace that Yuuka wears, revealing it's what she uses to control Shinji's body. Nana then tries to steal it but fails, angering Yuuka.

She awakens the corpses she's found in the island from previous classes to help her catch Nana, and end up cornering her at an abandoned shack in the mountains. Using corpses inside the shack, Yuuka almost captures Nana, but the sun rises through the window and it's revealed she can only use necromancy during the night or in pitch black locations. Refusing to enter the shack to avoid any traps, Yuuka locks the door with Nana inside and leaves with Shinji on her back to attend classes, where she gets questioned about Nana's absence by Kyouya.

That night, she returns to the shack and discovers Nana somehow escaped. Although they search for her all night, dawn rises and there's no sign of her. Angry, she swears on killing Nana, just for the latter to appear from behind and pin her down. Nana grabs an object from Yuuka's rear pocket and reveals she noticed the real keepsake from Shinji is a torn piece of paper from a test.

Wanting the keepsake back, Yuuka is forced to walk with Nana to the seaside cliff, where Nana tells her how she escaped the shack and then throws the paper off the cliff, leaving Yuuka heartbroken. Nana then proceeds to question her again; Yuuka isn't Shinji's girlfriend, but an obsessive stalker, Yuuka and Shinji didn't go on a date to the theater together, but instead she followed Shinji and his girlfriend there, and finally, the fire was caused by Yuuka to kill Shinji and keep him to herself.

Completely broken and turning crazy, Yuuka is stabbed by Nana with a poisoned needle, and dies.

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  1. According to the Council, Yuuka's Potential Kill Count is 500+ thousand people.